‘Hidden’ Stonehenge

‘Hidden’ Stonehenge



Stonehenge, it turns out, is just the tip of the iceberg. Researchers have used digital mapping technology to reveal scores of significant ancient monuments beneath the stone formation.


SH1 sh2 sh3 sh4 sh5 sh6 sh7 sh8 sh9 sh10Picture Source: Getty

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  1. Avatar
    Raziel September 12, 2014


    stonehenge is a scam, welcome to the world of deception.

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th September 12, 2014

      Raziel: links are not allowed so I put your point forward in the article 1954 PHOTOS SHOW STONEHENGE BEING BUILT Thank you for the information.

      • Avatar
        Raziel September 13, 2014

        Sorry, no problem.

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