Hide and Seek Monarch Mind Control

Hide and Seek Monarch Mind Control



he movie “Hide and Seek” is a 2005 thriller movie that did not get great reviews at the time of its release. However, chances are most critics did understand its symbolism and its underlying theme which is all about Monarch Programming. In fact, “Hide and Seek” is probably one of the most blatant movies about Monarch Mind Control in Hollywood’s history. We’ll look at the hidden meaning of the movie.  




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  1. Avatar
    Barb February 19, 2014

    Dakota Fanning also uses mind control when she plays a vampire in the Twilight series. .. coincidence ?? I think Hollywood mocks people by showing a small dose of truth mixed with fancy effects – its called predictive programming there are a lot of YouTube videos look it up

    • Avatar
      Otiz February 19, 2014

      Have you looked into “there is a storm coming, its the most repeated predictive pre programming ever.

  2. Avatar
    willow February 19, 2014

    Sorry but I wouldn’t ALLOW my child to act in these kinds of movies. Heck in this day and age I wouldn’t allow my child to even get in to this business.

    • Avatar
      Terry February 19, 2014

      It’s been going on at least since Shirley Temple…

      • Avatar
        willow February 19, 2014

        I have watched all of Shirley Temple’s movies and I still love them but I don’t think she was a victim. I do wonder if it’s been going on that long what child actors in her era was affected.

  3. Avatar
    AVeDoN February 18, 2014

    The film should’ve been called The Handler, or rather, The Demonstration. Dakota Fanning’s ability to own the character Emily, at such a young age, also speaks volumes about the industry. She, potentially, was a product of monarch programming – and was chosen to, IRONICALLY, demonstrate the process by which she herself was ‘arrived at’… Ouroboros…

    • Avatar
      Barb February 19, 2014

      Yes – as well as most of their young actors and actresses in Hollywood when you see them suddenly do something completely strange and bizarre in the news it’s because they’ve broken their programming and are finally aware of the awful trauma and truth to their existence-watch the Brittney Spears video on YouTube where she breaks down and admits how sad she is. and she was a Disney kid which makes it even that much more bizarre and heinous in how she was probably mind controlled. After all Walt Disney was the 33rd degree Masonic look it upe

  4. Avatar
    Marie February 18, 2014

    This is all demonic !! too many people have sold their souls to satan and too many are so lost and easy for possession. Be born again in the body of our Lord Jesus, our God, our Saviour and be saved before it”s too late. Learn more about Jesus. The end times are here as prophesied in the Bible. God Bless

  5. Avatar
    Max Malone February 18, 2014

    Top is the banner image the second picture is the video scroll down

  6. Avatar
    Kelley February 18, 2014

    I’m not getting the big arrow that allows one to begin watching the video

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