Hoover Dam – Four Pentagrams – Tesseract

Hoover Dam – Four Pentagrams – Tesseract



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rom Hoover – Canberra 242.88 deg. 12,690.58 km – Kazakhstan 1.88 deg. 10,195.81 km – China 319.77 deg. 9,929.70 km – Rome 36.36 deg. 9,847.66 km – Fish Hoek 101.27 deg. 15,789.67 km
The one from South Africa may or may not be an alignment, although it fits in regards to recent discussions on Enterthe5t4z channel … There may be another Pentagram somewhere that fits .. ?? Also as you can see these distances are in km’s .. may reveal more when converted to miles, feet , inches ..



here are so many coincidences regarding the Hoover Dam prospect of an event unfolding at that location, it goes beyond comprehension. When do we realize there is a significant connection between all of these locations from one source or design. This video confirms there are no countries or boarder’s who are not or have not been involved in the over all design of these locations, for a very very long time. The New World Government is the Oldest World Government re-packaged to be shiny and new. Nothing is new about the final outcome of their intentions. World Domination and World Destruction for their own personal gains or prospects. It becomes apparent they have destroyed before, once they lose control of the whole they take it down and begin again. Through the hardship of others they dominate and control from the beginning and set forth their plans to live as our rulers. It is evident throughout the world they have their fingers in all plots, plans and designs.

Ask yourself why these many many monuments and National Treasures are all connected from one country to the other. There is a limit to how many coincidences we accept as being normal. This is beyond normal. The question begs who or what families are involved. Evidence shows the names of those at the controls, the question is when do we finally remove them from those controls? As they have removed those who stood against them. “They” are ruthless and without conscience, when do we finally actually effect real change? Take control of our own destiny’s, sovereignty and futures for our lives & children. They have conditioned us to accept their control and need of their rule.


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