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Welcome to How To:

This section of the website is designed to provide you with tools to build your own network hands free. It will automate you in many social media areas into one simple receipt to one button share.

The idea behind networking is to provide you with the power to set and forget many cumbersome social aspects to getting your content or favorite videos, articles, likes and follows out to your viewers, friends, family and associates. It will make it easy to assist in taping into a larger base of like minded people.

We are building this network to connect all our numbers together. Once we have built the basic mesh of this network we all can then (through sheer numbers) effect the topics of discussion and information flow out to those who are not yet informed on various topics.

Please take the time to follow this workshop and setup most of your already existing platform’s into one powerful network. Join us in making the power of one count. You CAN make a difference.

We are not asking for money or monetary commitment on this project from anyone, just simply for a bit of your time. Many of these social aspects you already subscribe to and are active in. Lets build an (my coined phrase) Under Net or Under Web to effect large change within our numbers alone.


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    April December 01, 2015

    Thank you for sharing the message of truth and exposing lies and darkness.

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    No Name September 27, 2015

    I took a screenshot on sept 25th from the NASA live satellite feed, which found something that looks like an asteroid in the background. I would like to send the photo to you but do not know how.

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