I Live for the Applause..Computer Throne Mix!


911 was an event known about years in advance!

The event was found in Music,Movies and even on the US Currency!

The Next event for more control and the moving toward the Mark of Beast/NWO or whatever you may call it is also found. The Elite know

the agenda and those who work behind the artist..Album Covers,Movie Posters,LOGOS etc..tell you a story hidden within another!

The next event to come is to take what they love..MONEY and Power..

thus they have more control. Watch as they put together things in motion like a witches brew to try to bring forth what they need to accomplish..which they call MAGIC! Notice very carefully the

pic to this video..it is a Computer Throne ..exactly what I have shown for years of the agenda of Transhumanism.. the Wrong Tree that is chosen again in the End!


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    Dayna Hislope March 24, 2014

    I love all of his video’s and they all make perfect sense. Another great post. Please pay attention to all things in the movie’s and music their telling you their moves.

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    willow March 24, 2014

    Nicholson1968 has profound vids. If some here haven’t watched him it’s worth going to the beginning and catching up.

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