I Pet Goat 2 Blackboard Items Found Near a School! – The Sequel

I Pet Goat 2 Blackboard Items Found Near a School! – The Sequel



continuation of the connections between the Moncton Shooting and the Killiam Dr. /Road on the sign in Moncton. David Meyers  has done some amazing work to connect not only the Moncton shooting to a school, we had previously looked at for a possible site named for a future event involving innocent school children. He puts together some compelling evidence that the school is also involved and highlighted as a focus point in the I Pet Goat II Series. Take a look and you have to admit this is more than mire coincidences.

I think with our collective recognition of this possible location,  we have avoided and averted some very destructive plans involving children at a small school. I am sure by identifying the location and the continued work of David some lives may very well have been saved. At the very least a false flag event averted.



Wear a seatbelt and headphones. This will take you for a ride. Viewer discretion advised.

http://youtu.be/dhF7Ic5cU1Q houseoflogic1969

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6QKq… UpNorthofthe49th Moncton Killam

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjsXS… Matthew Nicholson Saturn/Illuminati numbers


part 1 article:

I Pet Goat 2 Hangman – Phallus , Shark, 88’s IDENTIFIED at a School!

Special thanks to dmaq for working with us on this as well.

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    Mark Charles October 08, 2014

    I just left this message on the original video page. Thanks for sharing this excellent video Max Resistance.

    “I saw this on my email from Max Resistance. Brilliant work here my friend. I live in Toronto and when the Moncton shooting went down I called it a false flag right away and you just answered it and probably saved another contrived Sandy Hook from happening at Killam Elementary or we will see. In the meantime here is one of my latest videos re: Obama and clown symbolism as your video shows the Happy Face Clown. Great work!! “I Pet Goat 2″ is the Readers Digest of conspiracies. 0:39 of the original movie notice the thumb tacks on the map beside Bush’s head. 1) Oklahoma City Bombing, 2) Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans, 3) BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Disaster, 4) Any of the Above… Boston Bombing, 9/11, Hurricane Sandy or conveniently another Sandy…. Sandy Hook Hoax, etc. Keep up the truthful discoveries.”

    My video: Clown Symbolism, Aliens, Obama, the Illuminati and the Little Horn

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      UpNorthOfThe49th October 08, 2014

      Thanks Mark: Sorry no links in the comment area so for everyones info just search the title Mark Charles gave : Clown Symbolism, aliens, Obama, the Illuminati and the Little Horn

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