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    Regina October 05, 2015

    Just watched Drako, fantastic work MaxResistance, so much information in it, Thank you. I see we are on the same page when it comes to the aborted children, and how the Drako’s of the world are using their body parts. Hope I don’t sound like a dang crackpot to everyone, but I going to run with this if I sound like one just delete my post k.

    At 2:55 on IPG2, you can see pills and what appears to be caps off of syringes. The 3 white pills are what are known as the morning after’s..The big white pills are ru 4861 Mifepristone 2, the smaller white one is mifeprex called danco. Both were designed by the same company Roussel Uclaf. The blue pill looks like a 701 GILEAD Truvada used in the treatment and/or prevention of HIV along with the prescribed regiment. The things that look like caps off of syringes are not caps, they are use for early term abortions, they are the tip ends off of the MVA’s (manual vacuum aspiration). As you can see none of it was used, but just dropped and forgotten, that IS the way the Draco’s want it. If the pills are used they can not harvest as much, or not at all. Forget to take your HIV meds or can’t afford them, you end up dying sooner..

    The child lying on its side is a late term aborted baby,(you see the snake/black suction hose coming out of the cranium) born alive and kicking. Late terms are better for harvesting because they bring more profit for them, it is also more painful for the child. Right now the people are rising up begging our elected officials to stop funding PP, and at the same time the stock markets are plunging. (His/her eyes tell you as much). Later you see her/him standing with a martyred look of despair in his/her eyes , as if to say how much longer Lord, before you come and avenge the wrongs done against the Innocents..

    The embryo in Draco’s cane could be the mixing of DNA, from the serpent and man. Not sure on that one but they sure are guarding it. You see it again when the False Messiah passes through the womb and the DNA strand. The embryo is than struck by fire, and the FM than passes under it, as if he is annotated by fire. One question, what happened to Drako? He is not seen again, could it be that he was placed in the embryo when it was struck by the fire?

    I’m sure I could write more but I’ll stop, and let you all find the rest.. please over look my spelling and grammar..lol.

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    Regina October 04, 2015

    Has anyone else noticed how many depictions of unborn babies there are in ‘I Goat II’? I first notice them when I stumbled onto MaxR YT account by accident a couple years ago.

    I went on HELIOFANT and the very first thing that I noticed was the name Hel..iofant, its just one letter off from infant..Than the 2 babies in the heart under the chalkboard at 00:30.

    The heart is the mothers womb which represents safety and protection, the two babies in the womb are unaware of the dangers from the red owl that is waiting at the opening of the mothers womb…

    Three hearts=(Love) uU=(you), Woman=(Babylon), electric plate=(sacrifice), babies, heart=(womb), red owl=(Molech)

    Dragon=(Doctors), split brain=(body parts), Lightning=(knife) F=(F Street), Bush=(D.C)
    The N and T=(New Testament) love, and the hanging man=(sacrificed Son of God).
    The erect Penis=(mans lust), sperm=(seeds, or children), shark=(boldly), burning house=(Fire).

    Love you Babylon, you who have sacrificed her babies from your womb to Molech.
    I am the dragon in the Doctor that rips the body in two with his knife, I am in the temple on F street that is in D.C.

    New Testament teaches love for the sacrificed dead Son , but I will cause
    Man to lust after ME, he will send his children to be boldly sacrifice in my fire, MY fire burns brightly in the U.S.

    Leviticus 18:21 And thou shalt not let any of thy seed(children) pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.

    (I did a quick search looking for the letter F and D.C and this is what I came up with: Washington Surgi-Clinic(abortion clinic) 2112 F St NW Washington, DC 20037).

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    Steve March 12, 2015

    Does anybody else get a sick-ish feeling in their solarplex area when they watch I Pet Goat, II? Some videos are hard for me to watch; however, this one makes me physically ill.

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      Rob November 07, 2016

      Hi Steve I experience exactly the same. It’s a really strong feeling. What other videos do you also experience this with? The pull for me particularly kicks in with the Christ figure in the boat

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        Max Resistance November 07, 2016

        I feel sick when I work on it to long, the music does it. Especially when you try and hear what the whispers are saying.

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    Jerry March 08, 2015

    I din’dt know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

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    Rob M February 11, 2015

    Amazing work 49 – I watched the videos back to back and shared on Twitter and facebook – if we can get a fair number of sheeple to watch these – maybe we can start waking people up !

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    Yeb'ot'NoD April 09, 2014

    ‘LOL’ means Obama says only what someone will say him.

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    Blake Egan February 21, 2014

    Also the “LOL” is the Green Lantern symbol if you turn it 90 degrees left or right.

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    Blake Egan February 21, 2014

    The 12 o clock and the dick and the address to sandy Hook shooting…
    Good review on pet goat. Casey and I spent a lot of time on this topic and most if not all the info in this video was stuff Casey and I brought to the surface of coarse with your addition to it. What I wanted to comment on was the clock and the “dick” All these symboles have morew then one meaning so there really isnt a right answer but as far as an explination IMO the clock, the “dick” pic and the firehouse are all involved with sandy hook. 12 on the clock and the dick represent “12 Dickinson dr. and the fire house is the firehouse at that address.

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      Florence March 08, 2015

      Your thnkiing matches mine – great minds think alike!

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        Mikay February 13, 2016

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    HeatherSent February 19, 2014

    OMG!!!!! This is Amazing Work. Nice job 49!

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    Fred February 18, 2014

    I ran an anagram solver for I Pet Goat II but substituted two lower case Ls for II (ll)…best translation…Bearded Vulture…just an tidbit I thought was kind of interesting…

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      UpNorthOfThe49th February 18, 2014

      Bearded Vulture that is interesting. Much like the little bearded vulture watching over egghead.

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      KCOJ September 22, 2015

      Perhaps the anagram for “I PET GOAT II” is….

      “PIEA I GOT IT” or “I GOT IT PIEA”

      PIEA is itself an acronym for a business…”Petroleum Institute of East Africa” or
      Petroleum Industry Electrical Association”

      It certainly ties with the whole theme of “oil” throughout the video.

      It would also makes sense considering the Bush’s were/are in the oil business.

      It also ties with what we seeing going on in the world…wars over oil.

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    Dayna Hislope February 01, 2014

    You and all are very welcome, This is going to be great!!!

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    Dayna Hislope January 31, 2014

    I love it!!! The whole website, what y’all are doing is awesome work and greatly admired by me and by all who come here, I will do my best to make sure I spread the truth I always have and always will, If I am wrong about something I’m not afraid to say I made a mistake and I’m sorry either. And if presented with something I’m not sure about I will ask. Any CONGRATULATIONS ON THE WEBSITE YAY !!!
    Much Love God Bless “LET FREEDOM RING”

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      UpNorthOfThe49th February 01, 2014

      Thank you so much Dayna I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you as well. Darn right “Let Freedom Ring” This site is still a huge work in progress. I am still learning how to do all this so I hope many will be patient. We will add content and get this rolling as fast as we can. Again thank you!!!!! 🙂

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        Lucero February 13, 2016

        opa_opa,Here’s a for the (I still had Eric’s original upaold of it on my hard drive). …hope you don’t mind my reupaolding and sharing it again, Eric. :)It’s easily one of the best tape posts on this blog, if you ask me.Too bad MediaFire deleted the original zip file (from March 1) within a few days.But now it’s back for everyone to enjoy. Thanks, Eric, for the original upaold of it.Cheers,Jeff

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