Ice Bucket Challenge Exposed- Satanic Ritual or Not?

Ice Bucket Challenge Exposed- Satanic Ritual or Not?

Original Post on FACEBOOK Aug 20, 2014 By: Reeni Mederos You can find Reeni’s website @ Warriors International


recently found out about the Ice Bucket Challenge and I really didn’t pay attention to it until a good friend mentioned that an ex-satanist friend said that this is the very same ritual he did when he was a satanist and was like a covenant contract with the devil. Because I had not done any research on it yet, I really couldn’t say if it was good or bad to participate in. My initial thought was that it was jùst another passing social media frenzie. I wasn’t going to do it anyway because it didn’t interest me. HOWEVER, I began to spend some time in prayer about this because just saying that it was demonic was not a good enough explanation to tell people why it is not beneficial to participate in, if in fact there was something wrong with it. I have precious friends and family that have participated in the challenge and I want to make it clear that I am not wanting to offend anybody or condemn anybody who has done the challenge. If you did it in innocence, then I don’t believe God holds it against you but I do believe that if a Christian participates in it, they should ask God to forgive them and break off any resulting curses. Let me tell you why. After spending time in prayer and doing much research today, I was really bothered by the fact that this Ice Bucket Challenge was bothering me and I didn’t know why. It was on my mind a lot and I kept asking God why. After much prayer and research, I found that the founder, Corey Griffin, of the movement seemed like a good guy. I didn’t find anything wrong with this kid except that he died last week and was unfortunate. Is his death related to the challenge or is it just a misfortune? Yes and no. On the surface of things, the whole challenge seems like a good cause. It basically is creating awareness to raise funds for Lou Gehrig’s disease, which is a disease of the nerve cells of the brain. The Ice Bucket Challenge is to throw a bucket of ice water on yourself or give a donation towards ALS which does research for finding a cure for the disease.



Babies For Money


his is what I found out and what God showed me in my research. ALS uses some of their funds towards Embryonic Stem Cell Research.

When I saw that, I finally knew why I was bothered by this challenge in my spirit, but yet still seemed harmless. But I can’t support human embryos being used and destroyed for such a thing. I can’t support killing a baby for this cause. What also bothers me is that the devil himself has come in through the back door to lure the unsuspecting to participate in a ritual that basically signs a contact with the devil to participate in a kind of abortion. The phenomena of the craze on social media is fueled by a deceiving spirit that brings death. Is it possible that Corey Griffin caused his own death? I hate to say it and it sounds hard and he seemed like a nice guy but this is the perfect picture of the innocent dabbling in something that has originated from hell itself. A life was taken. An innocent life. This depicts the fact and is a prophetic message that innocent life is taken to try and find a cure for this disease. God definitely wants there to be a cure, but not this way. This whole Embryonic Stem Cell Research is man’s idea, not God’s. It is man’s way of acting out to “be God” in deciding who lives and who dies. This just should not be. I get sick to my stomach thinking about it. So now that I think about what what my friend said that their ex-satanist friend said about the ice bucket ritual, I see very clearly what God is saying through all this.


he enemy has come into America through the back door with what seems like a good work and a good cause but it is only on the surface. As you dig a little deeper and take the time to research, you will see that what I am saying is true. This is a type of sacrifice. It is a type of satanic sacrifice. All these human embryos are being sacrificed. A type of cannibalism is occurring because this craze and this phenomena is causing people to give into this one fund and neglecting other good and noble foundations that have have better causes and more moral ones. There is definitely a spirit behind this cause and it is not the Holy Spirit. God would never endorse such a fundraiser that supports using human embryos for research. It is abortion, plain and simple. To all those who have already participated, there is no condemnation, but there is a plea from the heart of God to pray, seek his face and ask forgiveness. I really didn’t want to post anything for or against this challenge. I didn’t want to get involved. But The Lord challenged me to speak the truth and I have done so. Though this post is lengthy, it is very important to pay attention to what God is saying here. Let there be a lesson learned. WE MUST KNOW WHAT WE ARE GIVING INTO! We should only give into good soil. I have concluded that the Ice Bucket Challenge is not good soil to sow into. I also pray for those who have the Lou Gehrig’s disease that they will be healed by The Lord Jesus Christ and a more noble and moral research breakthrough for this disease will be found. I’m so sorry for offending anyone because of this post. That is not my heart to hurt anyone. Please hear me on this. I felt it was important to speak the truth and speak what The Lord wanted me to say. I truly love you all. Let me leave you with this final, but powerful thought. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!” ~ Reeni Mederos

MUST SEE!!!! On August 20, 2014, Prophet Reeni Mederos posted an article on Facebook exposing the satanic roots of the Ice Bucket Challenge. This video is a follow up of that post as Reeni engages in a thought provoking discussion of the Ice Bucket Challenge controversy and her personal convictions on it from a Biblical and prophetic perspective and why Christians should not participate in it. The purpose for this video is to bring spiritual enlightenment to the Ice Bucket Challenge phenomena for Christians who do not want to take the challenge and gives suggestions to alternatives methods to help support those with Lou Gehrig’s disease, but through more ethical means that promotes the value of human life rather than destroying it. Reeni offers a divine perspective of its place in end time prophecy and urges Christians everywhere to have an ear to what the Spirit is saying in these last days. The original FB post is located at….

Dead Ice Bucket Challenge Founder Joins the “Forever 27” Club.


On Saturday August 16, 2014 Ice Bucket Challenge Co-Founder and philanthropist Corey Griffin at the age of 27 years was killed while diving off a 2nd story building in Nantucket, Massachusetts. His death is very suspicious and reminds many of us in the Conspiracy World of an Illuminati “blood sacrifice” – his for charity ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was in the apex of viral social media contributions and Facebook activity at the time of his demise with the NWO.

Then the push to kids and parent to make it seem cute: However he does give a warning it may stop your heart. But no matter its worth it.


Ice Bucket – What To Do When It’s Your Turn – Kick The Satanic Ice Bucket Challenge To The Curb!


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    Richards Stone June 17, 2015

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    Deathspell Omega February 12, 2015

    O Satan, I acknowledge you as the Great Destroyer of the Universe.
    All that has been created you will corrupt and destroy.
    Exercise upon me all your rights.
    I spit on Christ’s redemption and to it I shall renounce.
    My life is yours Lord, let me be your herald and executioner.
    My actions shall lead other hearts away from salvation
    All shall acknowledge Your sacred royalty and crawl in terrified devotion.

    Where is the book of truth, or the inheritance that’d enlighten me?
    No voice shall answer to my probe and throbbing prayers…
    But certainty and madness write in ashen letters

    Seest thou how faith wrought with his works
    And by works was faith made perfect?

    And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and He in him.
    And hereby we know that He abideth in us, by the Spirit which He hath given us.

    “The essence of Revelation lies in the fact that it is the direct speech of god to man”

  3. Avatar
    Busra January 20, 2015

    How i wish much more ppl would know the truth bout this ritual. Thanks for your sharing. You did take down soo many important points. Others just think that this fucking challenge really works to paying attention of people. Who cares the disease? Millioners just think their own money even they want much more. They want to kill millions who dont do the things they order or those who are innocent, who are right with God. Am i wrong ? I am not sure about whether this silly ritual still is being done or not but it must be stopped. Truths really gets bothering

  4. Avatar
    Douglas December 30, 2014

    Food for thought. In a world of believers, who constitute by far the majority of the population, it is expected that many believers may rise to prominence, just as a minority of unbelievers will do the same. What is interesting is that in fields where intellect, reason, analysis and discovery are required, the majority of the candidates are overwhelmingly non-believers.

  5. Avatar
    Heather Z. October 09, 2014

    Wow, I just thought that this was pointless hype. I just wish a more clear citation was given for the basis of the ice bucket challenge being a satanic ritual. The ol’ friend of a friend thing just isn’t good enough for the critical thinkers. I guess that means more research for me, or you could get more detailed reasons from this friend of a friend.

  6. Avatar
    john October 07, 2014

    The LORD is opening the eyes of the faithful. The rest are blind to the deception of the anti-Christ. Ferguson, Missouri a hoax. An crisis acting troupe like the fame boston bombing and shootings. The luciferians are attempting to start WW3. and if you shills want to see brainwashing go look at the video of Al Roker going into a mind control trance when someone said “Holy Ghost”

    • Avatar
      the truth is good! October 08, 2014

      John?You are right,and on the good track!Al rokers mindcontrol-moment.Most of all the famous stars,are under mindcontrol on stage,in films…even the crisis actors when they do their interview part and role in a hoax like:sandy hook shooting,lax shooting,the houston cassidy stay shooting,the las vegas shooting,COLUMBINE shooting,9-11 100% HOAX,the santa barbara shooting,etc..etc..etc..ALL HOAXES,LIES!!!mh17 “attack”is also a HOAX!!!and all the famous stars whoreship the devil aka satan,and are aleister crowley fans,believers,followers(bill gates,melinda gates,oprah winfrey,obama,rothschilds,rockefellers,joe biden,the bush family,bill clinton,hillary clinton etc..etc..etc..etc..etc..,ALL THE FAMOUS stars,are evil illuminati puppets for the satanic elite(scumbags!)

  7. Avatar
    tvm September 16, 2014

    Im not saying your wrong… I am a follower of Jesus. But I have to ask..for someone who claims God spoke to them and revealed this “truth” to them (and im not saying he didnt), there is a BIG red flag. Why do you use such a provocative image?? (The woman in the revealing white dress?) Seeing this image makes me doubt you. You should know better!

    • Avatar
      the truth is good! September 17, 2014

      tvm?because in reality when the hollywood illuminati satanic STARS do the a l s ice bucket challenge THEY also look,like this,with almost no clothes on them,just look at katie perry ice bucket challenge,and lady gaga ice bucket challenge(very evil!!) and the other images you can look up,on you tube..about the a l a ice bucket challenge.and do you see all the music video’s and perfomances,HOW THE WOMAN,TEENSTARS look like whores,with their boobs hanging out,and the cameltoe between their legs?and what about the beauty pageants with 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 year old girls looking like HOOKERS!THAT you should,be question things about if you see it 24/7 on television,internet etc…THIS IMAGE IS A MIRROR OF REALITY what is happening in the sick,satanic,mindcontrol,illuminati HOLLYWOOD WORLD/1% ELITE/FREEMASONS….and the a l s = ANTI-CHRIST…LUCIFER…SATAN….blame the people like bill gates,oprah winfrey,justin timberlake,jay-z etc…etc..etc…etc..etc..THEY ARE THE EVIL ONES!!this image on the max resistance channel/blog with the girl halfnaked with het ice bucket over her head=A REFLECTION OF REALITY!!wake up!!and don’t be such a cry baby about a image,from a not real person….THE REALITY IS MUCH,MUCH,MUCH,MUCH,MUCH MORE EVIL,SICKER,SATANIC,DIRTY…..peace

      • Avatar
        the truth is good! September 17, 2014

        YOU should KNOW better!!

        • Avatar
          the truth is good! September 17, 2014

          and she has nice FAKE BOOBS….;)is she SINGLE?lol…the fake not real girl/woman?

      • Avatar
        tvm September 24, 2014

        I’m sorry sir. I think your behavior is not HOLY in any way at all. Yes, hollywood is very bad. As far as what is being shown in the videos you are referring too….i wouldnt have any idea..i don’t watch T.V nor go looking on you tube purposely to look at such filth. It doesnt matter what your views are about hollywood, a person living a Holy and Righteous life would not allow such an image to be the headline pic of an image they wrote. You are in no way different that the videos you are bashing. Filth is filth. No different than repeating a cussword and then saying “Oh ,well i didnt SAY it , i was just telling you what he said”.
        And the colorful description you gave in your response to how the women looked just further aids in my doubt of you.
        Yeaaa..i think i should go now. This conversation is over. I won’t be responding to anymore replies to my comment. Have a good night!

        • Avatar
          UpNorthOfThe49th September 24, 2014

          TVM: I chose the picture for the story, it represented to me the mindless followers of new fads regardless of the outcome. They know not what they do, was what I tried to convey. Her tongue hangs out like a dead sheep and the hat and nose to show the fool for following such mindless fads. The shirt she wears shows her fashion choice without regard to her personal worth. This was why I chose this picture for the article. As for the individual who made the video regarding her opinion she is not connected directly with out website however her view is very relevant to the issue of doing such rituals without thinking. I agree with her opinion. I don’t necessarily agree with her stance of being a prophet, as there will be many false prophetic claims in the end days.

        • Avatar
          the truth is good! October 08, 2014

          tvm?sorry you full of crap,and shilling like a baby!!(are you living under a rock?)i’m just telling it like it is!!don’t blame!!

    • Avatar
      the truth is good! September 17, 2014

      you should better DOUBT the SICK,EVIL,FILTHY,ROTTEN,SATANIC people behind the A L S bucket challenge…..remember THEY are the BAD GUY’S!!!and also the pope,you should DOUBT!!why?he doesn’t whoreship GOD but the DEVIL and he is PART of the A L S ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE and other sick,evil illuminati “THINGS” using kids for rituals and sick sex “things”!!!!WAKE UP!!!(happy now?)

  8. Avatar
    jamila September 02, 2014

    man me ,am scared about those satanic things and i hate them

  9. Avatar
    neil September 02, 2014

    What a load of crap

    • Avatar
      the truth is good! September 15, 2014


    • Avatar
      the truth is good? November 29, 2014


      • Avatar
        the truth is good! November 29, 2014

        With help from HAARP?

  10. Avatar
    JuyjoY September 02, 2014

    Let us just pray for the sick and put God in control. Let us not participate in anything but pray for everything!

  11. Avatar
    Jerry September 01, 2014

    the most wanted place of the enemy is the hot place….not the water. if so why do you believe in the water what is water baptism to you.
    The truth is: what ever you do.,what ever you believe …. what ever is your knowledge….It must be love….Love is our god….. and knowledge of god are always good…and righteous….

  12. Avatar
    David September 01, 2014

    This original article was the most ridiculous piece of tripe that I’ve ever seen. Anyone who actually believes it must either be a dullard or just plain stupid. Just my not so humble opinion.

    • Avatar
      the truth is good! September 03, 2014


  13. Avatar
    Bb September 01, 2014

    Ok so this article says this is a satanic ritual. No research is sited. The only “evidence” is a friend of an Ex-satanist said it was a ritual. Before everyone jumps on the bandwagon lets see the reliable first hand sources.

    • Avatar
      ANonymous September 13, 2014

      I agree and seems like paranomia

  14. Avatar
    Gerrard Conroy August 28, 2014

    Which is it? Devil, Satan or one of the myriad names you use misguidedly? Devil and Satan came from differing outside sources when the Jewish Book of Fairy Tales (Holy Bible) was thrown together by scribes from scattered areas of the region. If you are going to condemn anyone for rituals and beliefs using names like Devil and Satan please remember that these are constructs of, and because of the book you refer to so often – they are part of the Christian praxis, an offshoot. “Pagans” as you refer to them, do not recognize or associate with either of the entities known as Satan or “the” Devil.

  15. Avatar
    David Duncan August 28, 2014

    Mean while Preast and Ministers and other religious people continue to molest children and nobody seems to care, Just do a google search and see how many come up. Most of the religious people don’t even understand how Stem cell research works when it’s applied. Also, they are not aborting the babies with the intent to do the research. When God destroyed the world how many innocent babies and unborn children did he kill any way.

    • Avatar
      Heather Z. October 09, 2014

      Be very careful of what you lay at the Lord’s feet. Do you really think God’s righteous judgement upon the wicked is the same as using mutilated baby parts in research? God owns everything and everyone, including you. He and he alone has the right to snuff you out, or let you live, he answers to know one, not even you. Let that sink in for a bit, I mean really think about it. Ownership. Do you really own your life free and clear? If it wasn’t for your parents, then you wouldn’t even be here. Do they own you outright? No. They have parents, and so on, and so on, all the way back to Adam and Eve. You are here by God’s good grace. Only God, as the sole creator of this universe, has complete and total ownership rights. The people who use mutilated baby parts in an effort to save others lives no doubt hold to the adage: the end justifies the means. Is that your motto? What morally depraved drivel. They are trying to play God, and what poor gods they are. As for the hypocrites that claim they are “Christians,” those who molest children, don’t worry, they won’t escape justice. God cares a great deal for all innocent children, and the offenders will get their just desserts, if not in this life, then it will be on that final judgement day. Why? God owns every soul, and they are all accountable to him, that’s why. Your reasoning and justification of this morally depraved and unethical practice is greatly flawed, because the heartless scientists who use aborted embryos as test subjects aren’t any better than child molesters. As bad as ALS is, using the dismembered body parts of murdered children to supposedly find a cure for it — is far worse.

      • Avatar
        anonymous truth November 27, 2015

        The biggest reason for abortion is premarital sex that results in pregnancy. Why don’t we focus more on preventing THAT?

    • Avatar
      Zinny December 02, 2014

      David Duncan……………..I am not sure if you are a Christian; although I hope so as your name implies! “…… many innocent babies and unborn children did he kill any way”???? Beyond social media, I think we must all be very careful with what we portray. We must all be careful and learn o be patient. Even while we contribute ‘virtually’ it behooves on us to be practical. We must learn to ponder, retreat and ask ourselves if it is well worth it before pushing that “SEND” button! May the Good Lord show this great world mercy! God bless You!

  16. Avatar
    Er-LaLa August 28, 2014

    God bless yous sister for spreading this message..

  17. Avatar
    Nin August 28, 2014

    If this is the work of the devil why would Great men of God participated in this. You said you prayed for this research and God showed this to you but what about those Great Men of God? You think they didn’t pray? You think you’re the only one whom God is talking to? Stop demonizing everything. There are people who are sincere enough and just want to pitch in to spread goodwill. I hope you put that into consideration. And one more important thing, stop threatening those who participated in this #ALSIceBucketChallenge that they’ll bring “bad luck” to themselves.

  18. Avatar
    sym August 28, 2014

    So… I have a question…. You believe that humans should not play God and decide who lives and who dies, yet i see an american flag in the background here… Do you by any chance support the american military?? If so, you just cancelled out your own argument, which leads to my next question: are you just following blindly, like any good member of a flock (baaaa) or are you genuinely thinking for yourself? just food for thought, really (if you can do that and still have your “all forgiving” god love and accept you.

    • Avatar
      Zinny December 02, 2014

      Sym……………i think you just do not get the point here! Do you know right from wrong? Can light and darkness co-exist? Do you put food in your anus or ear? Do you walk with your belly or hands? Just a food for thought!

  19. Avatar
    diane stone August 27, 2014

    i pray for the lost ,i pray for you LOL

  20. Avatar
    Ricki Horn August 27, 2014

    I would like to know how do you star 6 yourself so I can get on the conference call, so I can leave a comment ok, and thank you in advance. Ricki Horn. can you put the answer on Facebook instead of my email address pls. thanks again

  21. Avatar
    drew August 27, 2014

    Since I posted this I have got nothing but hate! Well, I know who my real friends are now…

  22. Avatar
    indixie August 27, 2014

    dousing.. look it up in search engine. IT goes back to pagan false idol worship in Russia, India, an few other places. even got in chritianity with some Christians. Probebly more not knowing its witchery, denouncing God with cold water. Friend of Friend on fb close friend was a witch, an had to go through the dousing to be a witch. IT is used to deny the living water of Christ. GBY for your message, though we posted about it, no one is listening… Decieve an deceptions bible says.. this is one.

  23. Avatar
    Ruthie Madison August 27, 2014

    Thank you for enlightening us. I really thought it was a senseless challenge in the first place. I believe there are other ways to raise funds for ALS research.

    • Avatar
      jamestheprofet August 27, 2014

      And yes I realize I misspelled science I am an idiot ;(

  24. Avatar
    Jeremiah August 27, 2014

    Please get your facts straight Peter Fretas started the ALS ice bucket challenge. Not this Griffin character who drove off of two story parking structure. The fact that you can’t get that simple facts straight makes this entire post without merit

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th August 27, 2014

      Actually when you put the name Corey Griffin into the result takes you directly to Ice Bucket Challenge, Same is true for Peter Fretas however Fretas campaign did not initiate a huge response. Not so with Griffin. So the fad if you will does seem to stem from the efforts of Griffin more so than Fretas. I would think the creator of the video was inclined to indicate the FAD was started by Griffin. The media as well tout him as being the main source of the Fad’s beginnings. MSM indicates this statement “One of the pioneers of the Ice Bucket Challenge, a fund-raising phenomenon that has gone viral online, has drowned in an accident in the US, police say.
      Read more:
      NOTE: FACT CHECK YOURSELF Corey was in a DIVING NOT DRIVING Accident. So Your Comment makes your entire statement without merit

      • Avatar
        Jeremiah August 27, 2014

        I know who Corey Griffin was and I know that he died from a drowning accident. my comment about him driving off a two story building with taken from this blog. Which further proves my point of the lack of facts presented which ruins the credibility of this article I would like to believe what he saying because I am a Christian and this type of stuff interests me but when its laced with lies and information it was is completely untrue it ruins the context of what he’s trying to say

        • Avatar
          UpNorthOfThe49th August 27, 2014

          Your Full of Soup! No where (I can see) in the article does it say driving. I can prove that via each of the video descriptions that are totally out of my hand. The description in the videos of their original posts are identical to the article (click on the videos at Youtube and there they are same as here). So don’t lie and say you took the driving statement from the article or this site. I think the problem lies with the “Truth Hurts” I understand. All I can suggest is you take your Ice Bucket Oath back, that you are obviously fighting over in your heart and tell others not to fall for the same thing you did.

          • Avatar
            Jeremiah August 28, 2014

            My bad. I misread diving as driving. Was reading on my phone while doing other stuff. However, it’s still misleading by saying “diving from a 2 story building” that implies suicide. He died by drowning when he dove off a well known wharf that people frequently dive off of. You do yourself a disservice when you are trying to get this message across and you include misleading information that isn’t necessary. If this is a satanic ritual, you should be able to prove that through biblical references along with facts submitted about how these satanic rituals work historically without embellishing how one of the co-founders died. I am a Christian and I did the ice bucket challenge in good conscience. I am also VERY much aware of the spiritual battle raging around us as I have been involved in several deliverance sessions in peoples homes. That being said, I don’t know if this satanic ritual stuff is true or not. Haven’t formed a conclusion yet. It very well may be and as a precaution I have ask the Lords forgiveness and am confident before him that I am forgiven through the blood of Christ.

        • Avatar
          Unworthyuntilprovenotherwise August 27, 2014

          Upnorthofthe49, he’s giving you facts and proof of facts. Your statements are too shallow to mean anything. Which makes you bashful, and or defensive of your religion. Sometimes the truth is crazy or maybe it’s just us that’s crazy…………I for one thought it was silly weird that people just throwing buckets of water on their heads, seriously? We are humans, intelligence is ours.(be careful with it thought, it’s our blind spot as well) anyways , intellegence is ours and we raise awareness of a deadly diseases by throwing ice cold water on our heads,react in freeze and ……..what ? Mission accomplished? Yea sure, if we’re trying to be dummies. Some of us are aware of the depts that our mind can travel and this is what we come up with to create awareness? As silly as it is, we ate that shit up and licked our fingers. The way people do things in this world today………..I’ve already been too bashful but ……the way of life, has changed and god, well, I know my father is aware of my sins. I just hope one day I’m strong enough to fight my temptations, until then I swim with my sins. I pray for this world. ….I haven’t went in dept with this theory but it definitely has me attentive.

      • Avatar
        Chrisander flores September 01, 2014

        Thank you for enlightening i know what the true meaning of ice bucket challenge.i cannot do this any demonic work..but I seek God first and I pray always to guide us and protect us…Thank you Lord Jesus..

  25. Avatar
    Jason August 27, 2014

    LOL,you seem very irritated on a piece that is supposed to bring some sort of awareness. My question to you is what if he is right? Also we love to dismiss the opinions of Christians and gravitate to anyone else who makes us comfortable besides you could donte lots of money without throwing ice water on our heads just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th August 27, 2014

      I agree Jason. From June 1 and Aug 17, 2014 more than 28 million people mentioned on FB as of Thursday Aug 21, 2014 The ALS association indicated they collected 41.5 million From July 29, to Aug 21, 2014 Against a 2.1 million over the same period last yr. Considering this is an incurable disease and the number of American with the disease is (source: Approximately 5,600 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with ALS each year. The incidence of ALS is two per 100,000 people, and it is estimated that as many as 30,000 Americans may have the disease at any given time. Thats more than 1 million per in one month. While there are approx 800,000 homeless in America at any given time. (source: I did note one thing Miley Cyrus did have a homeless kid go up and get her award at the MTV awards. So awareness to the curable problem is also an issue of this so called Ice Bucket Challenge.

    • Avatar
      the truth is good! August 27, 2014

      bill gates,oprah winfrey,miey cyrus,justin bieber,nasa,google,you tube,cnn,ted turner,jacob rotschild,rockeffeler,lady ga ga,steven spielberg,jimmy fallon etc..etc..(the list is goes on and on..of all the super ultra rich stars,company(s),etc…)WHY they don’t give each of these ultra rich people..let’s say each 2000 dollar or more(for them this is peanuts)jacob rotschild has 500 trillion dollar,ophrah winfrey has also a lot of money,bill gates,etc…why is the ice bucket challenge needed for A L S ?if they where really wanted the do about it,hell let’s let oprah give 1 million,and jacob rotschild 50 million,bill gates 10 million,rockeffeler 50 million,the british empire queen elizabeth let’s 50 million(catch my drift?)the ice bucket challenge is a 100% satanic ritual(a=anti christ/l=lucifer/s=satan)when oprah winfery says “IN THE NAME OF A L S she says in the name of anti christ lucifer satan)the ice bucket challenge is a energie “thing”-“witchcraft”-“a spell”-“a voodoo thing(ish)”to suck all the energie from the people all over the world(remember…aleister crowley?skull and bones?freemasons? IN HOLLYWOOD AND IN THE GOVERMANT(THE PEOPLE WHO RUNNING THE WORLD,THE 1%ELIE THERE are ALL satanist,freemasons,aleister crowley followers,they don’t believe in the real god,there god=satan,lucifer,anti christ)the question is also what is going to happen with the money from the ice bucket challenge?buy new tanks,guns,drones etc…(new world order,martial law,war)just like with the billions of dollars with the mars rover landing hoax!!(watch on you tube: paulstal service)something in this year or next year is something going with water or ice dissaster brought to you by HAARP,AND ANTI CHRIST,LUCIFER,SATAN,HOLLYWOOD,GOVERMANT ETC…look also please:you tube:** *******-bill gates ice bucket satanic ritual.(a must see)peace!(there is no reason for this bullcrap ice bucket challenge for donate money for A L S!!period,the one who brought this challenge up are multi,multi,muti,biljonairs,millionairs….)

  26. Avatar
    the truth is good! August 27, 2014

    even kermit the frog is a evil satanic frog!

    • Avatar
      the truth is good! August 27, 2014

      is miss piggy also a satanist?or both a pig and a satanist……lol(by the way the lady ga ga aka lady bla bla ice bucket video is VERY evil,satanic!!)with her ice cold POKERFACE….

  27. Avatar
    the truth is good! August 27, 2014

    look PLEASE ISIS is also a name from a pharma corpuration who gives A L S medicine!!!!????!!!!(look it up)you can’t make this shit up!

    • Avatar
      the truth is good! August 27, 2014

      take a good look at the LOGO!from the ISIS A L S pharma company!the SYMBOLS!!!

  28. Avatar
    Sally August 27, 2014

    When I heard ov this ice bucket crap I automatically and instantly said it was devil worship,it sounded like a sacrifice.a hole world could never do that crazy stuff and leave other problems unsolved.i am reading now that he is dead and that my friends was a plain sacrifice

  29. Avatar
    Nicholas Francis August 27, 2014

    It didn’t sit well on my spirit either…..thanks for the article and knowledge

  30. Avatar
    KIM FUOCO August 27, 2014


    • Avatar
      kim August 27, 2014


  31. Avatar
    jack reecher August 27, 2014

    lay off the drugs my man. you sounds crazy. I know like 6 different challenges for this ice bucket shit. so stop scaring people and just shut up lol. you sound crazy. the dude drove off a building because he was getting shit from millions of people like you giving him shit for it. congrats mr.holy man your no better than a bully ahahahaa

    • Avatar
      Ancient nobility August 27, 2014

      Wow Jack you really sound like such a wanna be bully yourself. I don’t endorse Christianity but the satanic ritual is something to take note of as (media outlets and propaganda agency’s are in full swing) and shills such as yourself simply play your sheeple roles.

      Also Jack, you have a few spelling mistakes, so that pretty much invalidates whatever you where attempting to offer in criticism, be it constructive or not. The young man that is said to have died, how do you know what really happened with his death?
      Since you have so much to say, maybe you should be questioned as well, huh.
      If the information you come across is not for you, then simply leave it for someone else, perhaps it will informative for them.

      • Avatar
        Jared August 28, 2014

        lmfao this dude just seriously said someone’s post with spelling mistakes invalidates his criticism. Then he goes on to make a spelling mistake in the same sentence. HAHAHAHA wooow.

  32. Avatar
    LOL August 27, 2014

    What absolute tripe.
    You zealots are preventing the progression of mankind just because you can’t get your own way.
    You have no concept of what ‘truth’ is because you force your idiotic views on to others, you, sir, are not allowed to use that word.
    People like you are no longer just silly little psycho-Christians, you are dangerous, a diseased fragment of an ancient terrorist religion that has prevented the progression of mankind and started more wars than any other cause.
    God didn’t tell you shit, that’s called a conscience, everyone has that, and I’m afraid in some people it it will tell them to do very bad things.
    Hey, hey, i have an experiment for ya. Ask your ‘God’ to call itself a banana. Go on, try it. Ask it to state that it is the banana god of bananaity and that banana christ is the living representation of the holy curved fruit. Is it working? Cos if it is… sorry, but that’s your brain. Isn’t working? That voice in your head still telling you it is god? Is it angry? Cos i think you’ll find that that is what we refer to as delusional psychosis.

    Grow the fuck up and leave people alone.

    • Avatar
      Shill detector August 27, 2014

      Jack Reecher is a shill protecting the rainman ritual talking loud & saying nothing

    • Avatar
      Shill detector August 27, 2014

      Progression of mankind? Bullshit shill, do some proper homework & realize that the human body can heal itself when the centre assemblage point of man is in homeostatic balance. & U won’t learn that from the $ickne$$ industry either, slicing up human embryos is not even needed. If every person kept their own placenta from birth they would have enough stem cells for life, but the sickness industry make sure every placenta is taken from the family of newborns, nor are they properly informed by the sickness industry of this either.

    • Avatar
      lol supporter August 28, 2014

      Bravo! The voice of reason (LOL) has spoken the truth!!

      The voice in the head is the conscience!! Love it, the Christians are indeed delusional mind controlled automatons who have disengaged their own critical and rational thinking, (frontal lobe damage) I know because I used to be one!

      to un-brainwash and heal from the delusion, return to the ancient knowledge and live from the heart (not the vatican literal construct), visit

  33. Avatar
    Celeste August 27, 2014

    I can say it, I did the challenge and I was unconforble… After I was doing some research and learned about this… And I’m so shame of me for doing it before to know what’s going on.

    As a Christian I pray to God to forgive me, I know a few things about sacrific and satanic rituals and didn’t focus on this 🙁 and it is clear that the enemy is using the back door even to make Christians to do those things.
    Praise God! Thank you for this post.

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th August 27, 2014

      Oh My Gosh one honest person in the critics Thanks you. 🙂 I believe once you know and then continue or promote then there in lies the problem. We will all be deceived from time to time, recognizing the mistake is the true value in the lesson. Again thank you.

      • Avatar
        indixie August 27, 2014

        REmember JESUS Always forgive..all but saying he the Holy Ghost does not exist.. all others are forgiven. With not knowing the trickery,looks to me that you can ask forgiveness of being taken blind into deception ritual. An that you can go an be rebaptized to make sure.

    • Avatar
      John October 07, 2014

      Please have someone baptize you in the name of Jesus and the Lord. You need not go to a church. It can be done at home.

  34. Avatar
    the truth is good! August 26, 2014

    great article;)why?THE TRUTH IS GOOD!;)

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