Illuminati Gender-Bending Ritual

Illuminati Gender-Bending Ritual

Sickening. Satan seeks to destroy the natural order the Most High set up, enter stage left Hollywood’s Satanic Slaves.


Creating the self-ish to look only onto yourself and wants, needs and lusts. The family is being twisted the man is being manipulated and the church is being the seat of deceptions. They want to screw the lines of gender and character. Do as thou will is the whole of their law.


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    ambr September 21, 2014

    wow!! since I don’t or haven’t watched TV in almost 2 yrs & find it very difficult to watch, well I do believe it but still can’t in a way!! I find it so hard to believe that so many ppl are fooled & go along with the masses!!
    It’s almost sickening to watch really, it literally makes me feel ill!

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    Dr. Heath Motley September 17, 2014

    Of course we all know that Satan doesn’t exist. Even if he did he is a saint compared to the God of the old testament. Who buy any account is the most evil creature in all of fiction.

    So yes I know there are some evil people running the world and I know full well of a gender bending agenda. But when you say satan I laugh and cringe. It’s made up and kills the argument. And makes people look like idiots (they are) when posted anywhere.

    Still I like your information but drop the Satan/God mythology.

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