Illuminati Star Whackers EXPOSED

Illuminati Star Whackers EXPOSED

In this video I show an interview with actor Randy Quaid that took place here in Canada when the actor was running away from what he said where the “Star Whackers”. If you follow my Illuminati media exposed series you know I have talked about the Illuminati satanic cult that runs the entertainment industry from behind the curtain. Well here is yet another insider coming out proving that there is a sick and evil group in power in Hellywood. In this video we examine this interview and go over the illuminati sacrifices in Hollywood. Also I talk about a plan to cover these sacrifices up here on YouTube with gatekeeper Mark Dice. Yet again he does not want us to consider this as proof there are sacrifices going on … watch as I show how he is controlled opposition. God Bless

Illuminati Media EXPOSED Playlist –…

“THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL ME” Martin Lawrence EXPOSES Illuminati

In 1997 the mainstream media reported that actor Martin Lawrence wet crazy running into the streets waving a gun at people. But was the media telling us the truth or where they giving the story a Illuminati twist. Well of course they tried to say he was crazy! This is typical in Hollywood where according to Randy Quaid there is a “tumor” of star whackers. We need to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together because relying on the mainstream media to say the truth is well … Insane !!! Enjoy this video as I expose what really is going on in Hollywood! God Bless


According to Hollywood insider Randy Quaid a group of “star whackers” killed Heath Ledger! The mainstream media and disinfo agents want you so desperately to believe he died of “natural causes” but is the media saying the truth ??? NO … IT NEVER DOES !!! In this video we examine the Illuminati blood sacrifice conspiracy surrounding Heath Ledger’s death! Be not deceived and Be Vigilant !!! God Bless

Dave Chappelle has never joined the dark side of the entertainment industry and like Katt Williams his career has suffered because of it. Remember when the mainstream media told us he was a crackhead who lost his mind when he ran away to Africa? Well that was just a Illuminati media smear campaign to try and hurt his image. In this video we look at a interview where Dave ask you to question yourself ” WHAT IS GOING ON IN HOLLYWOOD?” … Enjoy and Be blessed as I answer that question!

“The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice –…

Illuminati Star Whackers EXPOSED by Randy Quaid –…


Illuminati Media EXPOSED Playlist –…

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    the truth is good! September 15, 2014

    by the way dave chappelle is NOW 100% A ILLUMINATI PUPPET/MEMBER!(in the past he wasn’t ,but NOW he is!)100% A ILUMINATTI PUPPET!!(do your research,and you find the truth,about THIS CLAIM!!)good luck…enjoy to find the truth!the truth is a JOY in life…NOBODY CAN TAKE YOUR OWN TRUTH AWAY…(guess what?the truth is soooo easy to find/understand!why?(almost)everybody has a p.c/laptop,brains,eyes,ears,common sense,……..)..ENJOY TRUTH!wh?THE TRUTH IS GOOOOOOOOD!!!!

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    the truth is good! September 09, 2014

    and maybe heath ledger isn’t dead….just like paul walker,robin williams,joan rivers…..who knows?

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    the truth is good! September 09, 2014

    john travolta his son death….. aILLUMINATI satanic bloodsacrifice(you tube:high priest)by the way JIM CARREY IS THE HOLLYWOOD FREEMASON HIGH PRIEST!!!!(before him it was martin scorsese…)

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    the truth is good! September 09, 2014

    and what about lady gaga” best friend”LINA MORGANA,who commit “suicide”in 2007..lady gaga take all her looks,music idea’s over…..IT WAS A BLOODSACRIFICE!(you tube/google:lady gaga-lina morgana illuminati-death-bloodsacrifice……………..

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    the truth is good! September 09, 2014

    what about:jeniffer hudson her family death’s,andre 3000 his mother death,kayne west his mother death,bruno mars his mother death,whitney houston her death(you tube:satan’s son part 1 t/m 7)and you tube: high priest….THESE ARE ALLL ILLUMINATI SATANIC BLOODSACRIFICES….THE REASON=FAME,MONEY,OSCAR(s),GRAMMY’S…..THAT’S WHY!(yash qaraah and the black child channel and unenslaved 2012 on you tube..made some VERY GOOD VIDEO’S/DOCU’S ABOUT THESE SACRIFICES)look also on you tube:jeniffer hudson illuminati-bloodsacrifice etc..etc..etc..etc…HOLLYWOOD IS HELL ON EARTH!!PLEASE DON’T LOOK UP,TO THESE SCUMBAGS!!!

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