Illuminati Vatican: Something Sinister This Way Comes!

The devil is present in the Vatican, says the Vatican Exercist priest. While thieves steal a relic of the blood of Pope John Paul II.
Stolen from the small church in which he frequented the police are investigating the crime. We are possibly witnessing
the begginig of a recarnate prophacy. Where it was written that the pope that was shall be again.

Notice the name of the parish priest who describes the crime, Father Jose OBAMA Abuy. Obvious or what???? Also please
take note of the crown of thorns upon the statue of the late Pope. Interesting indeed when he in fact considered himself
the visor of Christ. There are many strange occurances in regard to the Poland connection and current events.- Exerpt from Upnorthofthe49th – Video by TheScariestMovieEver

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