In The Mind Of The Psychopath: Margaret Sanger

In The Mind Of The Psychopath: Margaret Sanger

Looking back: A series of articles we would like to present of individuals who were responsible for tearing at the moral fabric of society today from the past. The Hidden Agenda’s.


argaret Sanger classified as a leading intellectual, was a key part in putting forward an ideal of Planned Parenthood instead of looking at the overall solutions of properly feeding people. Her solution was to discourage any births on various “Types” of populations. Under the guise of helping Mothers of Unwanted Births her focus was to encourage women to reduce births as a non sin of taking life. Her perceptions changed the world in regard to population control. While under the guise of safe abortion and safe reduced birth rates, she soon was in large part a major contributor to not only birth control but a outright Eugenics.

Her Sanger denies she was outright offering safe promiscuity. Safe from giving birth to illegitimate children, this was her solution to human nature of the need and want for sex outside of marriage. She encouraged sex and was a huge part of the feminist movement.  She cared not that tax payers money were used to control the populations of various groups.

In this interview she backtracks a lot on various private quotes she made. Interestingly she was fearful her program would be revealed for what it was. Outright Racist, Feminism and her opinion was outright that the greatest sin in the world was giving birth and especially to any child that would be born with a disability.





Margaret Sanger’s slogan for donations:

“If Those People kinds of people keep having babies at that rate, they are going to dominate our society and it will go down the tubes. You don’t want those kinds of people replicating like that do you. So Please donate to our cause.”



Just a small glimpse into the mindset of a Psychopath: Margaret Sanger

A cold mean spirited and frankly racist bloodless busy body, who went on to become the polar star and the head of not only the feminist movement , but the entire humanity hating, self hating progressive left., that has so withered and poisoned Western Intellectual thought.


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