Insight ~ Black Child

Insight ~ Black Child

This article is designed to answer several messages sent to us, at once.

Many viewers and listeners to Maximum “New World Order” Resistance send emails and messages asking us, who we watch and listen to on the spiritual realm of the Illuminati. Black Child is one channel we often recommend. Along with Nicholson1968, PoliceStateRadio, ScariestMovieEver, Enterth5t4rz, Dazzling1, Lisa Haven and so many more that try to teach, while keeping the spirit of our creator in the message.
(note: there are many more…, this is just a feature of one with great insight.. below)



Insight is the understanding of a specific cause and effect in a specific context. The term insight can have several related meanings:

  • a piece of information
  • the act or result of understanding the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively (called noesis in Greek)
  • an introspection
  • the power of acute observation and deduction, penetration, discernment, perception called intellection or noesis
  • an understanding of cause and effect based on identification of relationships and behaviors within a model, context, or scenario

An insight that manifests itself suddenly, such as understanding how to solve a difficult problem, is sometimes called by the German word Aha-Erlebnis. The term was coined by the German psychologist and theoretical linguist Karl Bühler. It is also known as an epiphany.



Video Description:

“Black Sites” in America; Tom Cruise in the “Supercollider”; Bobbi Kristina Brown and various other things.


The top ten moments that have been featured on this channel in 2014.
Thanks to all the subs and contributors, we have exceeded the amount of subs on the last channel before it was terminated. The TRUTH LIVES 2015!!


Always an excellent video creator with amazing insight into various topic put out on Youtube. Black Child has always been one of those who are constantly investigating many headlines and satanic topics within our current world view. If you’re not already subscribed to BlackChild we highly recommend you do so. As always amazing insight. He keeps it real on a wide variety of topics. BlackChild is one of many of our favorite channels.


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    Wayne Costigan April 05, 2015

    Rahm Emmanuel: “Illuminati”, “evil”, but not Jew/Zionist/Talmudicist? Hmmm…
    How the hell will we EVER defeat the enemy of all mankind when so many of us are afraid to correctly name them? And I do not want to hear “hater”, “Nazi” or some other disparaging name when one is afraid to take note and correctly label THEM! Does Black Child even know about the Talmud? I went into Barnes&Noble book store, and there was a whole wall of books 8 feet high by 20 feet long, yet I could not find even ONE copy of the TALMUD! This speaks VOLUMES (pun intended).

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