Investigative Journalism is Dead – Corporate Media Presstitutes Fail To Verify Their Material

Investigative Journalism is Dead – Corporate Media Presstitutes Fail To Verify Their Material

In another sad attempt at reporting “facts” the Mainstream Media has once again failed.

Yesterday January 19, 2017 a scathing (articles with video) report issued by various Florida news outlets regarding our website MaxResistance and the YouTuber TruthMediaRevolution, published the title: “Pulse survivor files petition against YouTube after ‘No shooting happened’ video surfaces” Such reputable news agencies by CBS 47 Fox 30 Action News JAX, WFTV9, WHIO  Scoopnest,, and a growing number of other outlets, with this video report.

With the nifty catch phrase from Angel Colon’s lawyer Rodney Gregory Esq. saying: “It just isn’t a good practice to say we’re going to sue ‘so and so’. No, do it. And then talk about it”

Our Response:

Before you begin Mr. Gregory an assuredly costly endeavor on behalf of Mr. Colon, to subpoena YouTube for identities. It just isn’t a good practice to say you’re going to sue ‘so and so’ without knowing the facts before you just “Do it”.

Let us assist you with what should have been your due diligence in the first place.

Fact: TruthMediaRevolution did not in fact call Mr. Colon on the phone within the video the articles present.

Fact: TruthMediaRevolution does not own nor operate the website of sited in the articles.

Fact: MaxResistance has not featured any information regarding the “Pulse Nightclub Shooting”.

Fact: Although MaxResistance has featured many video presentations created by TruthMediaRevolution. MaxResistance in no way is an  influencing contributor with/of the content choices or opinions regarding video creations made by TruthMediaRevolution for YouTube.

We feature various perspectives presented by MANY popular YouTube video creators that our audience both agrees and disagrees with. We present a forum of discussion for our guests and panel members to debate and or analyze.

Fact: Many popular YouTube creators have been featured on our past weekly presentation “The Resistance Round Table” on MaxResistance’s syndicated radio broadcasts, as an open forum discussion.

Fact: MaxResistance reserves the right to state: “Opinions expressed on the show are that of the individuals and not necessarily those of nor that of the broadcasters”, which of course refers to YouTube as well.

Fact: MaxResistance has never had the creator of the (Audio Recorded) video the articles refer to, on either our websites featured area’s/articles nor have we had the creator on our scheduled programs.

Fact: Many popular Youtube Channels feature our website link referral on their individual YouTube channels as a courtesy. We feature their work and they feature ours here at, in accordance this does not mean they own nor operate the website nor control or contribute to its content.

Opinion: The only recourse we believe you have in regard to TruthMediaRevolution’s video/audio’s MIRROR of Mr. Colon, may be to ask TruthMediaRevolution politely to remove it from his channel. TruthMediaRevolution has only followed a very common practice on YouTube of Mirroring a video he may or may not have agreed with. (We don’t presume to know TMR’s mindset/opinion on the subject matter). A secondary option for Mr. Colon is a very common and usually easy process of requesting YouTube to remove the video in question.

Opinion: Due to TruthMediaRevolution not recording Mr. Colon directly he should therefore not be liable for wiretapping as a consequence of the allowed Mirroring of another’s video within YouTube’s permissible guidelines.

Let us here at assure you Mr. Colon, Mr. Gregory and journalists, on behalf of those involved within the misreported and inadequately researched article’s, neither TruthMediaRevolution nor MaxResistance made the call nor recorded the audio in question, of Mr. Colon in his hospital bed. We would suggest you proceed with a more informed approach to reach an appropriate and correct conclusion. We do not believe it is beyond expectation a retraction forthwith regarding the libel you have placed on the parties inappropriately involved. Less dramatic means were and are made available to Mr. Colon by YouTube to have the audio/video removed. These stated options were made known to Mr. Colon when he applied and agreed to the terms outlined by YouTube in order for him to use and create his own Youtube experience.

In conclusion may we suggest that during your exhaustive breadth and depth of a thorough investigation, you could have saved yourselves and the news team’s embarrassment by just reading the description box under the video in question, to draw a full conclusion to your accusations?

Please draw your attention to this screen capture from your own news video report.

TMRpost on new video

Source: CBS 47

We trust this is sufficient and await your response in the comment section below.

Best Regards

Let’s consider the implications this action presents.

Random YouTube users can be falsely accused of wrong doing, then randomly forced to identify themselves with inaccurate information. As we know YouTube has already taken exhaustive measure’s on an already heavily censored platform, towards those who are actual independent investigative journalists or event sceptics.

Audience, please weigh in on how you think such actions could reform the current YouTube censorship measures. Do you believe TMR or MR should be held accountable regarding the allegation’s? We would love to hear your insights and opinions.

One last item:

To answer your question regarding who owns MaxResistance we were told by the administration:

However Our New Administration Told Us ALL About Media Like Yours.

Special Thanks to  Enterthe5t4rz for bringing these articles to our attention.

Source: Website = Enterthe5t4rz

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