Is The Ebola Scare Fabricated?

Is The Ebola Scare Fabricated?


Why is both congress and president taking a vacation when so much is happening in America… This video proves the Ebola scare is fabricated. Of course they could always let out a weaponized virus just to make liars of us all.


Some good points brought out by Higher Truth Channel regarding the recent transport of Spain’s Ebola patient. Why in fact are these various countries transferring individuals with this deadly disease? Why are these various countries not containing the virus to the African continent for safety sake? Why indeed are the patients transfered and not the medication to these individuals. Why did they not provide a transport plane with a larger door to accommodate a four man lift for safety sake? Why is the military all over these events? Why are the pilots not geared for the cotangent? Why did the U.S. Transport not follow fundamental protocols in regard to their transfer of a high risk patient? So many questions and the media circus continues to pump out the fear, lies and propaganda. More and more we begin to see a buildup of some sort of psyop being played within the media. What are they up to? Are they preparing the public to accept the inevitable outbreak? To many questions and not enough answers regarding this event.

One thing is clear the public who are watching close see through the mistakes and the media are learning from it. We see the proper protocols finally being used in regard to proper escort in transfer by the police. We now see the chamber in which the patient in the United States should have been transfered in. We see personnel in proper attire. Yet we see they breach the bubble by way of using a gravity fed IV tube. One more questions. Do they want us to see their mistakes, as a warning? Remember they always warn us before they put into play disasters, catastrophes and designed events.

There are many mistakes to be addressed just the same. When did this priest change cloths into the orange jumpsuit he is later seen in? When did the personnel put equipment into the chamber? Is this actually a person we see arrive in comparison to the one we see pictures of leaving? Many questions to address within this whole scenario.

The patient being transfered is a 75yr old priest. What makes him so important to risk a nation?

Notice some inconsistencies? (He has no cloths on)

spain3Read The Article Here: Source


Where is all the equipment on his chest, that is there in later pictures? Did they open the chamber in flight to let him dress into his orange jumpsuit and put equipment into the chamber?

spain5Source Here

Notice: He is now clothed in an orange jumpsuit, and Where is his head?



This looks like a diplomatic airliner not a medi-vac transport.


Source Here

Notice there are many chambers not just one.

spain4Source Here


CBC Video of Setup for the One Patient Transfer.

When you see the video there are various questions as to why so many chambers? If they are just transferring one patient why set up so many? If they are providing these chambers to others than why set them up on this plane? Something questionable is happening here.


The Arrival from a different angle:




Apparently the miracle vaccine or drug falls short of the miraculous.


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