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The Conspiracy Against the People

Trump says “The system is rigged”. The media says: Trumps a conspiracy theorist, a whiner, a poor sport. But could Trump be exactly right?
A recent find should give us reason to be suspicious.

Lets Work Backwards: Here is what we see happening.

The press and media have been making an issue of quoting each other comparatively, by saying this election is reflective of 1860.

The 1860 election led to a Legal Crisis or also referred to as a Constitutional Crisis. Why would MSM and the Press both be referring to this past event?

The Constitutional Crisis of 1860:

A constitutional crisis is distinct from a rebellion, which is defined as when factions outside of a government challenge that government’s sovereignty, as in a coup or revolution led by the military or civilian protesters.

A constitutional crisis can lead to government paralysis, collapse, or civil war.


This crisis did lead to Civil war as was the case in 1860. Will History repeat itself?

Notice a key point in the divide was the seat for the supreme court was vacant thus causing the Constitutional Crisis. The supreme court is the deciding factor in any disputes regarding election winners and voter outcomes. As was the case in Al Gore/Bush to call the winner of that election.

Currently we have an open seat on the Supreme Court that no one is focusing on to replace, nor seemingly in a hurry to fill. This has only happened once during the 1900’s

Notice Nixon was their pick for President and the fix was similar then as it is now.



Option 2:

During the election with Richard Nixon. The Third party Candidate George Wallace strategy was.

At this point it seems the current administration has both back doors to these dual outcomes covered in favor of Hillary Clinton.

If the Independent Party takes votes from either Trump or Clinton this will force the above Wallace strategy. If the election is closely disputed then it will force the Supreme Court to decide. With the Supreme Court one seat short and we know there is a split of 4 Liberal Judges and 4 Conservative Judges, then this may well create the 1860 similar crisis of Civil War or State Succession.

Radical Factions In Place:

Obama/Soros has the “Black Lives Matter” positioned to riot based on the elections outcome either for or against either candidate. Both ways of the win will evoke them to reactionary response. Is this an attempt by Obama and those who control him to enact a third term response under Martial Law.


Either way Obama may well proceed to declare Martial Law and serve in the interim as the New Dictator of Sector 1 For the New World Order.



Lets Break It Down & Review:

What we know as fact so far

The evidence shows clearly Hillary and the DNC conspired to replace the popular Candidate Bernie Sanders. They needed their puppet in place. Hillary takes the nomination from Sanders.

Obama calls Trump a Conspiracy Theorist as there is no such thing as voter fraud. Notice he forgets America is not a democracy but is in fact a REPUBLIC…

Yet he appoints DHS to monitor this so called non existent problem of voter fraud under executive orders.

Executive Overreach:

An exiting President can allow for laws to pass without oversight from the Congress / Senate or Supreme Court in order to finish mandates in the process of being implemented, before he leaves office. Here are a few of his, he is likely to implement into action.

The Plan:

No matter how much dirt and absolute proof regarding the Clintons and their Foundation presented to the American people, no one is seemingly upset over the mountains of incriminating information.

The FBI has allowed Clinton to once again walk in regard to misuse of her servers and the information she was privy to. She has allowed her maid to print classified information and has allowed that information to be distributed outside of secure means and measures. Yet she is not convicted on her negligence nor obvious criminal activities.

Hillary and her campaign participants have leaked confidential and classified information into the public by way of broadcasting and yet is still not prosecuted.

Here is what should occur when confidential information is presented to the media without oversight of its release.


Towards Hillary Clinton this would normally be a criminal offense, to disclose the response rate of nuclear response times. Yet those officials in charge do nothing.

When Joe Binden also disclosed confidential information and actually pointed out the representatives aid who carries the nuclear football,  no criticism or charges ensued by authorities.

Convictions from Congress are toothless, threats when dealing with those on the untouchable Clinton double standards crew. Congress did nothing to those who showed blatant disregard to the hearings on Clintons private servers. All bark and no bite were the results of the subpoenas put to those who didn’t co-operate with the congressional hearings. Nothing happened to them. So this showed us there is indeed a double standard of criminal convictions between the people and the so called elites.

If those who testified did nothing wrong and had nothing to hide, why did they all plea the fifth?


The Clinton Victims List Continues To Grow – Those connected to the file collection on Anthony Weiner.



In Conclusion:

This whole process over the many months of the election cycle has shown us there is a two tiered criminal code, one for the regular American and another for those considered the Elites.

Obama and his handlers have all bases covered to implement a third term option. One by way of an election dispute with the short seat within the Supreme Court, causing dead lock. As well as by way of the Independent parties grabbing the electoral votes shorting the required count for a clear winner, outlined in the Wallace Strategy.

The obvious manipulation of the Press, Legal, Financial Institutions & Media Institutions. We have a clear picture the system is indeed corrupt in all aspects. Indeed the Presidency is a process of selection and not elections by the voters.  “The system is rigged”. “The Fix IS In”

It is our opinion. They are going to steal the election, they want it obvious and they want total revolt in order to begin Martial Law and Dictatorship.





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