ISIS Beheadings PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING in Turkish Show! Update

ISIS Beheadings PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING in Turkish Show! Update

The Propaganda machine of the New World Order is in full swing all around the world. Television shows, media, news, entertainment, they are all on the same page pushing the same agenda, to all nationalities in all countries. Programing the masses to accept the threat in which they will offer the solution and the world will accept them as the hero’s to have kept Peace and Prosperity.

If you watch other countries news reports and entertainment videos you will see there is no difference between what we are being force feed and what the other nations are being force feed within the Story line of propaganda. Their country is under threat of terrorism and they must take action to create a saver means to protect citizens.

If you just review a few of their top stars and entertainment moguls you will notice in their movie and fashion industries morals are being  destroyed via the filth out of their movie and video production companies. We showed you in the article “Turkish TV series airs episode of beheading”  they are all connected and working together. Each countries connection to the others propaganda is astounding in regard to the format of corruption of the minds of youth and those not yet aware of the deceptions. There is but one agenda in all this. A One World Government a ONE WORLD PATH a ONE WORLD EVERYTHING.









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Turkish TV series airs episode of beheading




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