ISIS in America

ISIS in America


ISIS In America Are They Already Here??

The Fort Hood Shooting:
The purpose of this video is to bring forth information that is already known. The fact the Gov’t, Defense and Law Agencies, all that worked on this case, whether for the prosecution or defense, all sides agreed at the time the hearing was concluded this was an act of work place violence. However, the families of the deceased and those injured in the shooting have pushed hard to overturn the work place violence agreement between all said parties.

What stands out more than anything is whether or not ISIS was around back in 2009. Why is this important? Because it leads to series of questions that tie this case with ISIS and in the public isn’t aware of said rulings they may be manipulated into thinking the changes of said case are legit.

1. If ISIS wasn’t around back in 2009 and said prisoner is being held in a military prison and possibly solitary confinement, how did he learn of ISIS?
2. If ISIS wasn’t around how and who did he know to direct these letters to?
3. If said prisoner did know of ISIS how did 2 letters get out of the prison he’s being held in?
4. There is really no sure way of knowing the truth because the prisoner cannot speak on his behalf as to what really happened in regards to sends these letters. Yet the Gov’t wants you to believe these letters were sent by a member of ISIS that existed not only back in 2009, but also in the USA.

ISIS is in the US: Just ask the Fort Hood shooter
RT makes the connection clear that ISIS is already in the USA!!


First Question: How did the Fort Hood Shooter get a letter out to Bag-Daddy, when he is on death row????


Fort Hood shooter says he wants to become ‘citizen’ of Islamic State caliphate.…

2009 Fort Hood shooting facts…
Fort Hood Gunman Wants to Join ISIS

(Get ready for the Wikipedia page to change the motive to wanting to be a part of an organization that did not exist in 2009)

ABC news states that about a dozen of “Young Americans” have joined ISIS.…

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Source: and Youtube channel: FixedByDoc



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