Isla Vista FAKE – NO Burials, and NO Deaths Until Proven Otherwise

Isla Vista FAKE – NO Burials, and NO Deaths Until Proven Otherwise

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ex tapes, no-motive murder, and using one’s real name on YouTube. It couldn’t be much more obvious to initiated… except perhaps for the case of Jared Loughner.

But for the many people who are not yet familiar with the now commonplace fake and false-flag events staged by police departments and federal agencies across the US, proof is understandably required.

In spite of the new government BLACKOUT on official death records for the general public, we can prove that the Isla Vista ‘massacre’ deaths are FAKE nevertheless. Investigators of such staged events have learned a great deal from the experiences of Sandy Hook, the Boston Fake Bombing, and the fake ‘Batman’ massacre as well. This experience was then extended with great success to the Stockton Fake “schoolyard Massacre’, the Fake Columbia Mall shooting, and the Clackamas fake mall shooting, etc. With all this proven methodology at our disposal, the SSDMF records BLACKOUT will have little effect. It is too late.

Many thanks to those who have worked tirelessly in the contributions of knowledge in these and other false-flag and fake attacks. All generations to follow will benefit from your work; and their freedom from parasitism and control through fear, will be largely attributable to your efforts.

More on control through staged violence:……………



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