ISP and Power Outages Planned For 9/11?

ISP and Power Outages Planned For 9/11?


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will take you to a cached site picture of the original content of the article regarding the scheduled outage.


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will take you to the search engine page on google regarding a planned outage on September 11, 2014


The page is full of results on the planned outage or DRILLS

Now Watch this video: This is getting interesting….

Left Behind A Message From TPTB?

While watching the above video I put a search into the search engine regarding the KQM 1999


and an interesting archived Texas Supreme Court Ruling came up #1.

(For those of you who hate to click on pdf files here is a screen capture of the page segments)(with my highlighted sections)


Page 1

3 Page 2


Page 3


Page 4


and finally page 5


Its a very short document to be implement on a pending date (pending = whenever they see fit)  into law to modify family structure or a family stabilization course (education program/ or re-education program) handed down by the Supreme Court of Texas.


We have no idea if this law has been put into effect or not. However the use of the cars in the above video Monty put out called “Left Behind A Message from TPTB”, begins with a 99 sedan or 9+9=18 or 1+8=9 (family of the Illuminati 9 is their trade mark) (sedan = ordinary family) and the plate is found again on a 93 Saab or 9+3= 12th we will be sobbing (you will if your forced to attend re-education classes to keep your children whenever the courts deem it necessary)

As for the information regarding the Internet being down and huge power outages. Right now in Calgary Alberta many homes are without power due to a heavy snowfall. Internet has been sparse for me to get this article up between rolling outages of Internet and power, fluctuating between the two. What I find interesting is its understandable the Internet is down when the power is out, however the Internet is out more than the power and all our cables are underground here. So them (cable & power) saying the outage is due to fallen lines is ridiculous. Giving the benefit of the doubt to further up the lines, power being out or down, how is it intermittent then and was occurring prior to the storm hitting the area for Internet services? Just my 2cents on what is happening in my area.

Just a few ideas coming across from the materials Monty presented, while trying to connect the dots. This could be the result after a similar incident occures as did on Mrch 1, 1993 (First Attack on the WTC) blaming in some way regular family folks, patriots. The above document is another way to control the masses, I wonder if these are in effect in many other states?

Not to scare anyone however we all feel they have something in the works as we near the Thirteenth Anniversary of 911.

Are you experiancing the same problems of power outage and Internet interruptions? Comment below…


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  1. Avatar
    Michael Blue September 11, 2014

    My power and internet just went out today after BGE “changed my meter”

  2. Avatar
    rich September 11, 2014

    Crappy inet for weeks

  3. Avatar
    Ashlynn Jacm September 11, 2014

    My Internet service has been out since 9/10/2014 for no apparent reason at all.

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