Israel The Cannabis Super Power

Israel The Cannabis Super Power


ost people think of Iraq as being positioned as the Opium Capital of the world. Well there is a new drug lord and leader in the design, development and manufacturing patient of Cannabis, Israel.

Israel Has The World’s Largest Medical Marijuana Program and seeing the massive increase in demand for medical purposes, it has selectively laid claim to well over 22,000 patients on the herb.

This news just out of HighTimes:
Israel Poised to Become Medical Cannabis Powerhouse

Full Story Here: HighTimes


Israel is calling the Cannabis a “Gift From God”

Video Description:

Thousands in Israel now use cannabis to treat ailments ranging from Tourette’s syndrome to pediatric cancer, as research continues on the plant that many consider to be a ‘gift from God.’


n the video above notice the client uses a larger than expected amount and runs out of the drug before he should. The more you use the more you need. This is a concern for those wanting to use these designer drugs. Limitations will restrict home growth.

It has been known for a long time the use of natural Marijuana does assist with pain and cancer. The problem with this is a major takeover on the plant strain in of itself through patents. The next big money grab is by way of maintained, controlled substances. By making the strain stronger you then assure a more secure addiction level for users. This market will open up a whole new level of clients for drug manufactures.

In my humble opinion if drugs do help then use them with extreme caution, natural or otherwise. As well in the video above you can manipulate the TCP content to also increase eating habits. We all know the Munchy syndrome produced by Cannabis consumption. Can you imagine a drugged out America’s high demand for even more junk food. The processed food industry must be drooling. This is a win win for GMO as well. You can always bet they have a larger plan in place to squeeze all the cash out of you they can.

Ask yourself this: All those who served yrs in prison over this herb and the massive so called drug war. Should they be allowed to have their records expunged?


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