Japanese Hostage – Reporter says ISIS is Intelligence Services!!!

Japanese Hostage – Reporter says ISIS is Intelligence Services!!!


Video Description:

During the interview with Junko Ishido, the mother of Kenji Jogo, a reporter asks her if she’s aware that ISIS is a bunch of rebels that has nothing really to do with Islam and some people believe ISIS is made up of International Intelligence Service Agents…then the questions portion of the interview is stopped


Original Interview: Source:

Video Description:

URGENT Press Conference: Junko Ishido, Mother of Kenji Goto who is a Japanese hostage by the Islamic State group.

The Islamic State released a video ransom vote that threatened to kill two Japanese hostages, freelance journalist Kenji Goto and self-employed contractor Haruna Yukawa, unless Tokyo pays $200 million.

WAIT A MINUTE: During the beginning of this interview the narrator explains the demands of $200 million. I thought during the recorded call from Kenji Goto the Islamic demands no longer wanted money, however they did want the release of Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi



See First Report here: ISIS Audio Release


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