JINN MOVIE (2014) – Symbolism

JINN MOVIE (2014) – Symbolism


PoliceStateRadio & R$E put out a great commentary on a recent video called “Jinn Movie”. To quote PoliceStateRadios coined slogan of “Normalizing the Absurd” and R$E observations regarding “Turning Everything Up Side Down”, they go on to explain the symbolism and meanings behind these esoteric movies. These movies are being pumped out into our children’s reality as exciting and mystical to seduce them into acceptance of the abnormalities within them and the riddled filth they promote. PSR & R$E discuss how funding of these movies are being obtained by our own acceptances that twisted and the obscure are now openly recognized and accepted as entertainment. When in fact it should be recognized as a promotion of Luciferian doctrines. Wicked, evil, demonic is now all the rage and the norm.




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    Sandra February 13, 2016

    Thanks so much for commenting. I’m so glad to see other VA’s the get’ it. The truly sad thing is that many of the busisenses with lackluster sites are the same ones who don’t understand why they aren’t getting clients. And although simply having a great website won’t bring the clients, it certainly can play a huge part in their impression of you and your business. I literally have been ready to do business with someone and then visited their website and changed my mind. I know I’m not the only one. Thanks again for stopping by and sharing in the conversation.

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