Jonah’s Tomb Destroyed by ISIS

Jonah’s Tomb Destroyed by ISIS
Tomb stone of Jonah the prophet is smashed by ISIS in Mosul

In yet another crime against civilization, the Islamic State has taken a sledgehammer (literally) to a cherished religious site. The caliphate on steroids. This is an Islamic pattern sanctioned by fatawa (Islamic religious rulings): to destroy religious icons, statues and artifacts of all other belief systems. This is part of the ummah’s campaign to falsify all other religions.

ISIS/ISIL blows up prophet Jonah’s tomb in Mosul

The new jihadist rulers of Iraq’s northern city of Mosul on Thursday completely leveled one its most well-known shrines

ISIS Set to DESTROY Mecca!


The Bible: Jonah


I still stand behind what I saw within the short film “I Pet Goat 2”

Various portions of this video are up for interpretation, however the premise of the event surrounding Mohammad’s Mosque in Mecca is evident.



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