Jonathan Law School Stabbing – Hoax

Jonathan Law School Stabbing – Hoax


– At 22:11 on ^this video check out the number on the video. Another 283 

– Also notice the time on the news reel. The Time is 6:01 and Temp is 56* = 666

Another School Stabbing another Hoax. The symbolism is rampant in this fiasco of happiness over a friend being killed by another over Medicated Student gone Mad.

We have seen it time and again. First the Shooting Hoax’s now all the stabbing Hoax’s. The outcome of which, more police to act as prison guards over your children at school, more police to indoctrinate your children into accepting compliance at every turn. Big Brother watching your every move from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and Beyond…..


The suspect: the typical grainy picture. The adolescent pubescent kid who only had football on his mind, the day before.

MC killer

Then the bad boy picture, to convince the public he was not the ordinary jock. Black eyes and vulgar is the tradition of perception.


The friends on the football team, acting like the puppet master leading them by the pretend strings. Thumbs up and good to go. We have seen this so many times in these types of events.



A closer look at the Compass and Square


The girl, the dress and the symbol


The Happy Mourners With The Masonic Compass & Square


Such Happy Faces for Loosing Their Friend a Few Hours Before.  “Hey I have a few cans of Purple spray paint lets defaced school property”!!!


11:55 or Both Hands on the 11’s


A Closer look at the hands.


Again Who took these pictures of this girl?


Who could have taken these thumbnail pictures?


The pyramid and the sign post.


Kepp in Mind That Neither Success Nor Failure Is Ever Final – Roger Babson


The Shadowy Figure, Conducting from the shadow’s


Its All A Circus


The ending of the short film. Duality…


All That Police Tape and The Kids Didn’t Know Anything Happened

Nothin but BS

Face Palm: Yeah I Think So To!!!

Another Typical Hoax to Push Forward The Agenda of The Powers That Be. Wake Up!!!



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