Jordanian Pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh – Full ISIS Release

Jordanian Pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh – Full ISIS Release

Healing of the Believers’ Chests – Islamic State

The footage, which is titled ‘Healing the Believers Chests’ the Muslim jihadists fighting for the Islamic State terror group in Syria and Iraq have claimed to show Jordanian pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh being burnt alive while locked in a cage. The pilot appears to show the captured airman wearing an orange jumpsuit as a trail of fuel is leading up to the cage and marking an X on the inside ground below the pilot, he is then seen being set alight.

Jodanian Pilot Cage

The IS Raqqa Media Productions with professional video graphics indicates some media graphics training. The evident complexity of some of the effects, the color blending and sound quality and effects are from a professional graphics artist.

The video shows the Jordanian Pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh with some facial bruises, which are common with pilots who eject from planes.


Moaz al-Kasasbeh sits and even without understanding his language provided follow along graphics speak for him in English.


A possible time frame of this video was made approximately a week or so after the pilots capture in late December.

There are many questions aside from the obvious fact this is professionally done. Why was the producer compelled to make or create parts of this video production in English. Obviously someone quite fluent in English assisted in the production.

Much like a Hollywood movie the pilot comes out to survey the area with an air of confusion.

pilot 1

The video creates suspense and fear tactics by showing the Professional method of panning the camera’s around many armed men.

pilot2If you really pay attention to these soldiers you will see that all of their gear and equipment they are wearing is absolutely NEW. Clean new boots, packs, belts, guns, gloves, head gear. All brand new. Obviously they are fully funded. Question to Camo manufactures, exactly who ordered these outfits in mass? With the Shirts alone you can still see the crease marks from them being folded in their packaging.


Another surprise in this video is the “Hit List” featured at the end of the video, calling for the assassination/death of “Crusader Pilots” of several Jordanian pilots. The Islamic State is offering a Bounty on these pilots noted to be 100 Gold Dinar’s.

One interesting point is that the “producer” is noted as Abu Hammam Najdi a Saudi citizen, Commander of the ‘Lion’s Den’ Front-Line Base Camp. Killed during an Ambush by the Croatian Military whilst traveling with  three other Commanders from the Mujahideen Headquarters, Zenica, to the Lion’s Den Camp, Zavidovic. Zepce, 14 January 1995. Aged 24.

Abu1abu2The final thought to this whole video and the way the producer used emotional elements of burnt, dead or dieing children. Its an emotional trigger used to try and persuade you their cause is just or validated because of children or those people shown dead. We all know, War is a terrible thing, these ISIS/Al-CiaDA/Muslim Brotherhood/ISIL or whatever they want to call themselves today are in fact financed funded and backed by the CIA/MI6/Mossad/Arabs/CST Global/ISIS Corp and whom ever else are actually behind these groups. These guys have been set up as a terrorist group to justify new laws to take your rights.

Notice these guys don’t have the same gear / pouches on that the ones in the burn video do, however everything still looks brand new.


Actually one of our own in Canada John Baird just brokered a deal with Egypt for the release of two journalists accused of Terrorism in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood. They had decided to have these two journalist who were found GUILTY of conspiring against Egypt with the Brotherhood, extracted to Canada under their second citizenship passports. They had to renounce their Egyptian citizenship and will be shipped to Canada. The Egyptian government left open the door for these two by saying they could once again visit their families and friends by getting a visitors passport should they want to come back into Egypt. That tells you a bit of the sneaky tactics politicians are brokering. First they tell you these ISIS/ISIL/Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Quida are bad but not bad enough to keep our of Canada. They tell you the Ottawa shooting was real and yet broker these individuals here. There is so much double speak you can’t keep up with the Bull Shit coming out of our infiltrated governments. These people are not who and what you think they are, or try to portray themselves as.



Then they want to convince you this woman was important. Yet she failed to suicide herself when attempting to bomb civilians. She means nothing to them and she knows it. She will only be used to create more chaos via her hanging, if that really occurred at all. With all the lies everything is under suspicion.

So don’t fall for these lies. We are trying to point out the obvious but some just don’t understand all the information behind the headlines and lies. No one has the time now days to actually check these facts out. We are trying here to condense many headlines into one concise overview.


For Your Consideration:

Muath al-Kasaesbeh FAKE ISIS burning

Just a thought on my part about the video. If you notice the cage has no floor in it. Personally I would have 1. Ripped all my cloths that were doused in fuel off  2. Hung from the bars above and risked getting shot. 3. Pushed the whole cage over and gotten out, and yes risked being shot.  Either way I would never walk into that cage without a fight. The survival instinct is strong in humans so I don’t understand all these passive compliance into death.


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    cjb February 20, 2015

    You understand the pilot was drugged and thus is the reason he did not fight.

    • Avatar
      Goobersmooch June 30, 2016

      How do you know the pilot was drugged?

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