Just In Time For Thanksgiving – Turkey

Just In Time For Thanksgiving – Turkey


This is HUGE everyone please see the important information in the videos below.

This is no longer “Conspiracy Theory”! It is a FACT Obama has circumvented the Nation in or to Destroy it. He has used this nation’s money (YOUR) taxes to do it.

Turkish intelligence chief: ISIS is a reality and we must stop Putin from crushing the Islamic revolution
Mr. Hakan Fidan, Turkish President’s staunchest ally, condemned Russian military intervention in Syria, accusing Moscow of trying to ‘smother’ Syria’s Islamist revolution and serious breach of United Nations law.
“ISIS is a reality and we have to accept that we cannot eradicate a well-organized and popular establishment such as the Islamic State; therefore I urge my western colleagues to revise their mindset about Islamic political currents, put aside their cynical mentalité and thwart Vladimir Putin’s plans to crush Syrian Islamist revolutionaries,” – Anadolu News Agency quoted Mr. Fidan as saying on Sunday.
Fidan further added that in order to deal with the vast number of foreign Jihadists craving to travel to Syria, it is imperative that ISIS must set up a consulate or at least a political office in Istanbul.
In 2014, voice recordings, where Hakan Fidan, foreign minister Davutoğlu, Deputy Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Yasar Güler, and other military personnel discusses a potential false flag incursion into Syria, was leaked to YouTube and shared across Twitter. The event resulted in the Turkish government blocking access to Twitter, then YouTube, and finally the DNS servers of Google DNS and OpenDNS.[10] In the voice recording, he is heard saying, to a military personnel, “… [i]f legitimacy [of a possible incursion into Syria] is an issue, I can simply send a few men there [across the Syria-Turkey border] and have them launch missiles over to us. Legitimacy is not a problem. Legitimacy can be manufactured.” Seymour Hersh later linked what was said in this leaked meeting with CIA-Erdoğan dealings on Syria
Did this conversation occur?
Yes it did.



Update. This story had such a huge global resonance that Anadolu Agency issued a statement:
Statement from Anadolu Agency
20.10.2015 Turkey

We hereby state that the recent stories on some foreign media outlets claiming that Anadolu Agency did an interview with Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Undersecretary Hakan Fidan and published it are totally false.

It is known that the MIT has no such practice of speaking to media.

These fabricated stories by foreign sources are regarded as part of an international psychological campaign against Turkey.

Necessary steps have been taken to have such fabricated stories removed, with legal rights being reserved.
Source: Fortruss



The Syrian Refugee Crisis is a Trojan Horse to gain access into all Nations

This is not a war on color of a mans skin, this is a war against any nation who believe in Christianity.

Are you willing to bring them in by the MILLIONS?

These people speak in codes: scene from Heliofants video predictions.

Obama Turkey

Obama has no mole on his cheek



What does a Turkish Flag look like when moving forward in war?

turkey forward flag

What do our troops wear when moving forward with a war?

US flag forward

Obama Turkey backwards

Are you seeing the picture? Hidden in plain sight.


Breaking it down:

Full Interview:

NATO backtracking to hide the truth:


obama knighted

obama lost son


Israel just released this video:



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  1. Avatar
    jimbod November 29, 2015

    stop zion, and controlled opposition, and stop hoax events

  2. Avatar
    Doxylady November 25, 2015

    Well, can’t say I’m shocked. BTW, the Ahmed Mohammed video says, “video not found”–has it been removed from LiveLeak? Thanks for your hard work on this, it’s appreciated.

  3. Avatar
    Max Resistance January 22, 2016

    Yes I agree, however we should note as well Obama has been using Air force 1 to “secure his legacy” in other words he is using Air force 1 to travel the globe to lobby for his position as the head of the U.N. Directorate. There should be a huge call on his expenses and activities that are paid for by the American population. They do what ever they want it seems. No accountability and no repercussions….

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