Justin Trudeau’s Speech Distorts Facts & Insults Canadians

Justin Trudeau’s Speech Distorts Facts & Insults Canadians


Canada’s Golden Boy for the New World Order:

MaxResistance.com does not always agree with TheRebelMedia on various issues they present however this one should be highlighted in regard to Justin Trudeau’s recent speech. Justin Trudeau is the the new Liberal Party leader in Canada. He is the Golden boy they are setting up to place into Ottawa as our next setup Prime Minister of Canada.

We can go into much detail on why the Government of Canada is setting up this little puppet based on his past and views. However it is our opinion the powers that be are paving the way for Justin Trudeau to take the next election. We will go so far as to say many possible winning party leaders who would in fact take the seat of Prime Minister without dispute in Canada for the next election, have been stepping down as leaders or possible candidates, thus all being done by design. “If” or (more likely) “when” (contrary to anyone’s votes) Trudeau is set in place Canada will be under the full control of the New World Order. Trudeau is their next puppet, openly in favor of this New World Order of the all empowering control for Canada. Mark our words he is their next placement regardless of our votes. If he gets in then our country is truly lost to this Global Agenda. Justin Trudeau is in favor of full open boarders to Islamic nations, full gun control within Canada and the world, full governance of political agendas under the U.N accords. Be warned this puppet Justin Trudeau is very dangerous to Canada. Never a word on the Bank of Canada lawsuit to issue our own currency, from Trudeau either. Remember his father was the one to give this right of issuing our own currency to the Banking Cartel.

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 Current Government Costs in Canada


Video Description:

In a speech Monday night, Justin Trudeau “said that those who disagree with him” on matters like immigration and multiculturalism are “bigots.”

Brian Lilley takes issue with a great deal of what Trudeau told the McGill Alumni Association, particularly, Trudeau’s bizarre comparison between anti-semitic immigration policies in Canada circa WW2, and the situation today.

How do you possibly compare asking women to show their faces during citizenship ceremonies to shipping Jewish refugees back to Europe and to almost certain death?

Trudeau’s Toronto speech ‘obscene,’ says multiculturalism minister Kenney

Jason Kenney, Minister of Multiculturalism, is hitting back at Justin Trudeau after the LIberal party leader accused the Conservative government of stoking fear and prejudice against Muslim Canadians.

On Monday night, Trudeau delivered a speech at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada in Toronto and said the government is using the same kind of rhetoric against Muslims as the country has in other past, shameful, periods.

He likened the government’s policies to other “dark” episodes in Canadian history, including the internment of Ukrainian, Japanese and Italians during the world wars, as well as turning away boats of Jewish refugees.

The facts speak for the themselves Justin.

Update: Immigration from Muslim Majority states to Canada represented 18.87 % in 2013 and 15.25% through Q3 of 2014 of the total immigration intake from the Top 50 source nations.

The Citizenship and Immigration data I pulled this from is located here – Canada – Permanent Residents by Country of Citizenship. 

Immigration Canada muslim majority states 2013 -2014 q3


In 2001 the Muslim population of Canada was 579,640 according to the census.

The years 2002 through 2011 inclusive witnessed the arrival of 2,465,714 immigrants of which 613,728 or 25% of Canada’s total immigration came from the majority Muslim nations I’ve isolated from the original source data provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

immigration canada muslim majority nations (1)

Justin Trudeau voices support for sharia law

How can Justin Trudeau be in favor of a law that circumvents your own countries laws?  Then to go on and get involved in politics in the country (Canada) as the representative of our nations leadership position.

Shorter Justin “Call Me Vote Whore” Trudeau: I’ll Let Islamists Walk All Over Canadians & Call It Multiculturalism

Justin Trudeau: Tories threaten liberty by fostering prejudice against Muslims

The Conservative government poses a real threat to liberty in Canada and is stoking fear and prejudice by opposing the right of female Canadian Muslims to wear a niqab, Justin Trudeau says.

And Canadians, he said, should “shudder” that the government is employing the same kind of rhetoric to raise fears against Muslims that was used to promote a “none is too many” restrictive immigration policy toward Jews in the 1930s and 1940s.

Yes Justin and that’s why Canada doubled it’s Muslim population in the decade after 911 with 25% of new immigrants arriving from Muslim majority nations.

Justin, just so you know, the Jews weren’t trying to behead people in the street or flying planes into skyscrapers or burning people alive or murdering cartoonists for drawing a picture.

That’s what Muslims do.

One of Justin’s boys

Calgary federal Liberal hopeful Cam Stewart says Canada shouldn’t be battling ISIS barbarians

“Canada’s funding it’s (sic) war in ISIS and terror is going to increase conflicts abroad and at home. We need to return to the days when we were respected unpartisan (sic) ‘Peace keepers’ and active members in the UN,” reads Liberal Candidate Cam Stewart’s Facebook post.

justin trudeau
Trudeau’s carbon scheme targets Alberta

What does Justin Trudeau really think about Alberta and the oilsands and the people who work there?

The real answer is he probably doesn’t think a lot about it — or any other policy area. Trudeau is more about looking dreamy. He leaves the grown-up stuff, like policy, to someone else. In this case, to Gerald Butts, his “principal adviser.”

Butts has quite a lot to say about the oilsands. For years, he was the boss of the World Wildlife Fund Canada, an environmentalist lobby group that took hundreds of thousands of dollars from foreign interests to campaign against the oilsands. Never against OPEC oil; only against Canadian oil.

When he was at the WWF, Butts compared government oilsands defenders to tobacco executives. Here’s the first few lines of a column he wrote for the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper: “Keep smoking, kids. We need the tax revenue. Trust us, we will cure cancer by the time you get it. So goes our national political leaders’ myopic view of the tar sands.”

A voice from the grave: Pierre Trudeau’s abortion remarks resurrected to criticize Justin

OTTAWA — While Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau lauds the example of his deceased father and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to buttress his own hardline support for what he believes is a woman’s unquestionable “right” to abortion, a 1972 newspaper clipping has surfaced suggesting Pierre may not have shared his son’s convictions.

“You would have to convince me that a person who asks for an abortion has no responsibility at all,” Pierre Trudeau told the Montreal Star in 1972, three years after the passage of his much-criticized 1969 Omnibus Bill that legalized abortion.

The late prime minister’s comments were made in the midst of a federal election campaign in response to abortion activists protesting the new law, which allowed abortion with the consent of a three-member ‘therapeutic abortion committee’ setup in hospitals.

“You know, at some point you are killing life in the foetus in self-defence – of what? Of the mother’s health or her happiness or of her social rights or her privilege as a human being,” Trudeau said at the time.

justin trudopetrudeau1

Comment: We do not necessarily support all the views within the attached articles and their narratives on 911 and the Muslin issues.



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    Connie Corby January 17, 2017

    People of Canada… Treadeua has to go go!!! Google it for yourself.. Trudeua is in favour of The New World Order.. We cannot let this happen.. We will be living under Muslim Rule.., Look it up for Yourself… We Must Take A Stand And Not Let Happen To Canada..

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