katy perry ET Ft Kanye West Illuminati video analysis


That video is Illuminati agenda. Katy appears as a grey alien (also a ‘demon’ because of the  [satan] legs at the end) that lands on Earth and breeds with the albino black guy (black+white races?) to produce a new hybrid, alien-human race.

This agenda is explained in a few conspiracy books, specially Matrix V . Also research on greys: the fact there is a tall grey in this video says much..
All the prophecies about the return of the Antichrist seem to be converging to 2012. Maybe the Antichrist will be a certain race of aliens (truly demons) that will descend upon Earth to introduce a new race of hybrid humans AFTER the Illuminati fulfill their plans of depopulation. No wonder that this video features a holocaust survivor inside a robotic suit (not sure the symbolism here, but it may have something to do with loss of humanity).

Katy appears at the end of the video with goat legs. Satan is usually depicted as a satyr (best man with goat legs). THe Antichrist has descended upon Earth, breeds with the albino guy and leads him to the “light”. A new world begins.

It’s pretty much in the open. According to prophecies, in the End Times humanity will undergo a transformation or an evolutionary step, perhaps with the help from the aliens. This will be an upgrade of your DNA, this will be “the mark of the beast” as the Bible. Even though the Katy Perry figure hasn’t landed on earth yet, keeps showing scenes from earth as though she is controlling events

Shows no humans on earth having sex or any humans for that matter. Just animals. Maybe this is implying that humans are just animals until they mate with satan’s minions. Trying to get us to think the dna “upgrade” will be a good thing.

falls from the heavens to the earth as did Satan

she mates with a robot or computerized human (singularity?) and at the moment of mating creates a new species (new dna)

AFTER the mating she no longer looks like an alien but has “come clean” with who she really is—Satan.
THIS IS IMPORTANT! They are admitting that et’s are really satanic demons in disguise!!! – By 103thedestroyer


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    Harris September 17, 2014

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    KATHLEEN KOBLENSKY February 20, 2014

    they might be from other realms….who freakin knows……we have to treat it as of humanity….a universal humanity….beings who want a dark earth….

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