Katy Perry – Illuminati Puppet – Analysis & Subliminal Messages

Katy Perry – Illuminati Puppet – Analysis & Subliminal Messages


Source: WhiteRabbit


n this video, I discuss the various cues found in Katy Perry’s music videos that indicate she is manipulated and controlled by the Illuminati. I point out various signs of MK-Ultra mind control, including “sex kitten” and “monarch programming.” I also discuss the subliminal messages found in her music and the effects it has on our society.

Katy Perry’s Illuminati and Engineered Modern Art


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    the truth is good! September 15, 2014

    and lady gaga=a man/transgender!!period!why?JUST LOOK AT HIM!;)by the way joan rivers is also a man from birth and STILL alive!!guess what?michelle aka michael obama is……..also a MAN!!!extra bonus:KATE MIDLLETON IS ALSO A MAN!;)why?are you blind?

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    the truth is good! September 15, 2014

    and what about….KEVIN SPACEY?and BRADLEY COOPER?these 2 illuminati-puppets-liars…were in the “hospital”in boston to visit the “victims””wounded”BOSTON MARATHON HOAX.remember?;)these “STARS”are the lowest scumbags on the earth!!!liars,liars,liars,sicko’s,sicko’s,sicko’s,scumbags,scumbags,scumbags!!!EVEN michael moore is a ILLUMINATI PUPPET/LIAR/FAKE TRUTHER!!!why?did you everrrr hear him talking about sandy hook hoax,boston marathon hoax,the lax shooting hoax,the santa barbara shooting hoax,the houston cassidy stay shooting hoax,mh370 hoax,mh17 hoax,the fake beheadings??he could make 10 docu’s if he wants…..or talk about it on the radio,television,internet etc..etc…(CATCH MY DRIFT?;)michael moore is just like the shill(s),gatekeeper(S):alex jones,russel brand,paul j watson….peace!

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      the truth is good! September 15, 2014

      michael moore’s docu:”bowling for columbine”was a anti-gun propaganda “docu”…the columbine shooting is a HOAX!!michael moore knew it was a hoax,he was part of the propaganda hoax!reason:anti gun propaganda!(just like sandy hook hoax,santa barbara shooting hoax,lax shooting hoax,the houston cassidy shooting hoax,the las vegas shooting hoax and the uzi shooting hoax…..etc..(for info about the columbine hoax…check on you tube:livingonplanetz etc..etc..or type on the you tube channel:columbine shooting hoax or columbine shooting hoax crisisactors or fake deaths columbine shooting hoax etc..etc..

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    the truth is good! September 15, 2014

    every famous artist is a illuminati puppet even the rolling stones,u2,JOHN MAYER(boyfriend from katie perry)COLDPLAY(best friends with jay-z,beyonce!)and chris martin new girlfriend is…JENIFFER LAWRENCE(the hunger games part 1 and 2)THE MOST ILLUMINATI MOVIE’S FROM THE LAST YEARS!they are allll illuminati puppets(even the ones you couldn’t imagine….)if you don’t play the satanic,mindcontrol,illuminati way/game…you don’t get ,rich,grammy’s,oscar’s etc..”.they” love the young artist,actors….why?”they”can brainwash them and f..k them,and mindcontrol them…..

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