Katy Perry Illuminati Super Bowl Half Time ISIS / Phoenix SOS Ritual EXPOSED!!

Katy Perry Illuminati Super Bowl Half Time ISIS / Phoenix SOS Ritual EXPOSED!!


An excellent breakdown by PoliceStateRadio on the events and meaning of the Super Bowl Halftime ritual. PoliceStateRadio covers the reason for the Lion, the Fire Dress and the Biblical meaning behind much of the songs and the presented theatrics in the ceremony.

The ritual of debauchery, sex, and moral degradation on our minds, souls and spirit. New Age doctrine. Its interesting many imply the significance of doctrine or dogma in Christian religions/beliefs, yet the same is being implemented into the New Age Doctrine.

All of this “Show” is a huge ritual of indoctrination to the youth and programing the youth to accept the agenda without realizing it. This is a war against the peoples minds.

Well worth the watch. Share and like Part 2 will be added here so check back to this article for future additions from Arron of PoliceStateRadio.



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    babette February 07, 2015

    Thanks for your analysis of the synagogue’s monumental bull-fest for the brain dead “sports” fans. The thought occurred that leaving the lion’s mane off the top of the beast’s head might be simply to reduce impediment to the crazy dumbed-down crowd seeing whatever her name is from all sides.

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