Krystle Campbell – ALIVE! – Boston Bombing Anniversary Special!

Boston Marathon “Bombing” Anniversary Special!

Krystle Campbell, supposedly “killed” at the Boston Fake Bombing, is alive. Surprisingly, it does not seem she has gone into hiding, or even changed her life very much. In fact, it turns out the public face of Krystle was merely a cultivated partially faked diversionary persona, propped up by a little bit of fake history and a temp job, and almost nothing more.

After the “bombing”, she just dropped her temp job, and returned to her normal activities. Al this is made clear with the evidence the film presents.

Krystle is a finance hack in real life, like so many other PR hacks, military contractor volunteer fakes, and various “financial services” cons who participate in faked events.

This is the first in a two-part series exposing Krystle for what she really is.

What does the OFFICIAL, unaltered and up-to-date U.S. Master Death File, have to say about the Boston Fake Bombing? Did any of the publicized ‘victims’ really get recorded as being dead?

This film presents the definitive evidence directly to answer this question. This is the real history of the Boston Fake Bombing event.

This short film presents direct evidence from the Boston Marathon bombing, revealing the true nature of the event. It explains and fully demonstrates that the FBI story presented is utterly and entirely false. It serves as a first basis for exposing media complicity in deliberately misrepresenting what happened. After watching this, you will never think about the Boston Marathon bombing, the FBI, or terrorism the same way again.

If you only saw the Boston Fake Bombing on the government controlled networks, you never saw what really happened! Here are the best close-ups and different angles, enhanced for the very best quality possible. Watch the antics of Crisis Actors’ back stage outtakes. While not a comprehensive collection yet, this one is sure to entertain.

Preserved for all posterity, who will hopefully not have to deal with the criminal infestation of government that we do presently. Pray for the People of Boston, that they may soon be rid of their evil parasitic police, EMTs, and politicians – ALL who participated or condoned that ludicrous attempt to rule by chicanery and fear. Then and ONLY then – free of these madmen and frauds – will it be “Boston Strong” once more.

Sincere thanks to the many dedicated individuals who helped preserve to truth for the benefit of others… many without any compensation, other than our undying gratitude.

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