Large Earthquake Swarm in NW Nevada — VOLCANIC WATCH near Lassen Peak

Large Earthquake Swarm in NW Nevada — VOLCANIC WATCH near Lassen Peak

Video Description:

Mount Lassen in Northeast California under watch due to the new widespread, and high frequency earthquake swarm.

In the past 7 days, multiple 4.0M (upwards to near 5.0M) earthquakes, as well as dozens of 2.5M-3.5M events occurring at the surface .. 0.0km depth.

Over the past several months, a series of larger earthquakes occurred near this current swarm location, at the time I documented it, showing Basalt and other igneous rocks (lava rock) at the location — appearing to be an old volcanic fissure / rift of some kind.

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Video Description:

Overnight, and into the Early morning hours of November 7, 2014, a series of odd RADAR pulses were transmitted, and received in Salt Lake City Utah.

The pulses, traveling at the speed of sound, each visual frame seen at a 3min refresh rate, shows the rate of speed of the “pulses” being transmitted out, and then received back are EXTREMELY SLOW in comparison to regular RADAR transmissions, also the “waves” actually seen on the different feeds being separate than the normal weather RADAR….. and EXTREMELY LOW in frequency.

Picked up on ALL variations of the feed, even showing in VELOCITY , and also, strangely, showing as precipitation amounts in the hydrometer feed!

The best description I can find on this would be “infrasound”. Since the pulse going out is NOT a typical RADAR transmission, these are circular waves emitted all at once from the tower, and travel at the speed of sound.

Oddly enough, the pulses COME BACK , or are other pulses from stations elsewhere.

Notice the pulses, when they are incoming, come in from all sides, but the pulses are targeted in a particular directly WEST when being transmitted out from the tower.

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