Liar Liar – Mainstream Media Ebola Propaganda

Liar Liar – Mainstream Media Ebola Propaganda


nother open mock against the public. A colorful commentary by JeffC of FreeRadioRevolution on the Ebola color Toxic Green continuing to pop up everywhere on the Mainstream Media News and many other media outlets. The conditioning of the mind to accept the toxic color and association of the theme within your mind as real.

Psychologist’s have reported in many studies a topic or subject must be presented to those you want to either condition or propagandize at least 9 times. I am sure in one day either watching news, videos, games or many Youtube channels as well you see and are reminded the color is associated with Ebola. Even if the stories are not about the topic of Ebola everyone is either wearing the color or making the association with the color. The kicker is no one is pointing the obvious out. Well we at Max Resistance along with many Youtube presenters are trying to make you aware of the Color usage and meanings behind it. We are trying to explain or teach you what they mechanisms are behind the color usage and the conditioning.


Warning Strong Language. Knowledge is power and when your aware of the ploy you can avoid the Hook. This preconditioning is to prepare you to accept the Vaccines to come. Problem (Ebola), Reaction (Fear and Panic), Solution (Vaccines). We can’t express enough how suspicious and questionable all of this is.

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    Tim Mackin October 11, 2014

    Engineering the Eschaton? In the Book of Revelation, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, commonly called the Pale Horse, signifying pestilence is actually the Greek word Chloros translated into English as “Pale” but more accurately “green” or pale green as metaphorically describing someone who is sick as “green around the gills”. The green meme associated with Ebola, if accurate would suggest a effort at mind control or at least a psyop to relate the Ebola plague of fear to the eschaton. The fear of Ebola at this point is certainly more impacting than the actual disease and the threat of forced vaccinations would certainly preempt the actual disease with sickness brought on by the mass inoculations.

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