Live Virus Dropped in River – Food Tampering & No One Seems To Care

Live Virus Dropped in River – Food Tampering & No One Seems To Care

45 Liters of Live Polio Virus Dumped in River by GSK and no word of it on the news. If you find out about it then its only through great channels like Experimental Vaccines or by way of alternative sites like FierceVaccines. Incidences like these are far from the focus of the mainstream media. They don’t want their favorite Big Pharma’s to get bad publicity. Especially when they have new pills and potions soon on the horizon for release.

Food Tampering In Bayview Michigan Case Closed?? No One Cares

Well MaryGreenly maybe no one cares on their end, however many of us here do care. It is up to us to hold these million $$$ public funded front liners feet to the fire. They are bound by their organizations title to be accountable to the public or be gone. The FDA, USDA, all the groups outlined in your video report should be held accountable to keep the publics interest. Obviously they don’t care about their job descriptions so we should be taking those jobs back.

Meanwhile in Liberia: Formaldehyde DUMPED in Liberian Water Wells Causing Ebola-like Symptoms

source: Daily Observer

It is possible wells are being contaminated in Liberia. JeffC calls for the people of the area to put armed guards on water supplies yet for consideration how would we be able to protect here at home our own water supplies? They to have had contaminates added to the supply with chemicals and compounds we can’t even identify. Nothing stops the same prospects for our water supplies here at home. Water is out of our control and what solutions could we offer to maintain and assure they are not also periodically contaminated?

A possible solution to such a problem here at home would be to demand from your cities full disclosure on all additive to the supply. Get involved on a local level and hold them accountable as well.


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