Logical Fallacies & Propaganda EXPOSED! Learn Your Fallacies!

Logical Fallacies & Propaganda EXPOSED! Learn Your Fallacies!


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Logical Fallacies are all too common within debate and everyday persuasion. It is important that we are all acquainted with them, including the ones we often commit in our own arguments. Here are some resources to learn more on logical fallacies:

FRANCE 24- A point-by-point rebuttal of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ conspiracy theories:

TheDailyBeast – The Charlie Hebdo Conspiracy Too Crazy Even for Alex Jones:

Alex Jones Says “Gay” A Lot




An easy example of a Logical Fallacy by: The Upturned Microscope.


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    TERENCE FOLEY (VIKING) January 24, 2015

    Am i the only one who has spotted the dissapearing shoe .Pleas visit my fb page and see it the shoe near the car door dissapears, then re appears .Prooving the film was spliced ( IE filmed in two takes ) undeniable

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