Malaysian Flight 370 Update Discussion

Malaysian Flight 370 Update Discussion

(Our Original Video was deleted) – So we fill in with this video on the same subject

UPDATE: As we gather it.

Boeing 777 not transponding diverted away from nuclear summit by two F-16 fighter jets.

TheIntelHub article:

Yesterday we (MaxResistance) released the first reports of an article examining an interesting story regarding a Boeing 777 that diverted security measures, set in place during the Haig Nuclear Summit being held March 24 -25 2014. , inside Netherlands airspace.

Reports of the event as happening with the F-16 escorting the Boeing 777 cargo jet as happening at 1:25 am on March 25, 2014. When in fact the original report from the Dutch press state it happened prior to this date. With the time difference between the Netherlands and North America the day is one ahead not behind us. Original Article:

At the time we set out this report/article it was 10 pm EST March 24, 2014, which would have been 2 am Netherlands time on March 25, 2014. However the original article we posted from Dutch papers says 24 maart 2014 13:01 or March 24, 2014 1:01 pm. Which would have put the incident at March 23, 2014 at 9 am EST our time. (Please verify:

We followed the information Jim Stone and others have provided regarding this event. Here follows a report from Mr. Stone stating the event happened prior to it being reported here in North America.

There are strange things going on with this time variation on the articles regarding this event.

Posted March 24, Updated March 25

UPDATE: Nothing has changed overnight regarding what is below. This panned out. The plane flew from Miami un announced and without identification or beacon and was stopped by the Dutch Air Force before reaching the nuclear Summit. The fact it originated in the U.S. and flew in U.S. territorial airspace for at least 300 miles unidentified without getting intercepted is all the more damning. The fact it even got into European airspace is damning as well, the first line of defense let it pass. I have only one comment – logic needs to prevail in this, we won’t get the truth out of the MSM with anything and the proof is living in Sandy hook, flying into the world trade center and watching Bat Man.

Original post:

Though the Dutch state no foul play was involved, and claimed it was a “cargo jet”, it’s not every day that a 777 airplane flies unidentified straight towards a nuclear summit where all the world’s leaders (sans Israel’s) are. I am going to say it like it 99.9999% likely is – THEY BLEW IT, FLIGHT 370 HAS BEEN FOUND AND STOPPED FROM CRASHING THE NUCLEAR SUMMIT, THE SAME TARGET EVERYONE GUESSED IT WAS DESTINED FOR.

BINGO, GREAT JOB EVERYONE, THIS TIME WE NAILED IT, and if that link quits supporting what is written here, I will fix it with a capture of the original.

And to the Dutch: Great job finding flight 370! Remove whatever mock ups were installed to hide what it was and return it to Malaysia airlines. Then start asking the pilots (if there were any) serious questions about where the passengers are.

Simple law of probability nails the intercepted jet as flight 370. Out of hundreds of thousands if not millions of flights annually, jumbo jets flying with their transponders off to avoid identification virtually never happens even once a year globally, let alone towards a nuclear summit where all the world’s leaders (sans Israel’s) are and the fact this was a 777, the same plane that is now missing, CINCHES IT.

They can bag whatever spin they put on this and throw it straight in the trash, how many times have you heard of the Air Force being scrambled to intercept an unidentified jumbo jet, let alone the Dutch air force?

Malaysia Airlines, your plane is found. Demand it back, remove whatever mock ups were installed to hide what it was, make them pay to repaint it, service it, and put it right back in your fleet and if they played switcheroo you now know who has it.

The story is that this was a cargo plane. Interesting, because the Jews now own Fedex, DHL, UPS and a majority of other carriers, and only high class carriers will fly 777 jets. If this jet ends up belonging to anyone’s military, that’s equally bad. If you want to know who the enemy is, just look to see who ends up being identified as the owner of this “cargo plane” and if it ends up being Arabs, THAT would also be a set up.

The original article posted by the Dutch has been preserved. This cannot be silenced, if anyone tries I will put the original right back online in the form of a mailable Jpeg.

Gordon Duff spoke the whole truth about Flight 370.

This is NOT the 40 percent disinfo this time, I think Gordon got pissed and rebelled. The whole truth and nothing but the truth with an ENORMOUS amount of details, Gordon never said he wanted to lie, he said he was forced to, and this time he obviously refused.

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    FRANK March 27, 2014

    Immarsat stands to make a fortune off of the sale of their satellite tracking software to all of the airlines. Hmmmm….

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    Sid March 26, 2014

    Great video. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.

    Speaking of building bridges with one another, as we all know, they’ve purposely steered us all to a place where trust has been thrown out the window. Well, when shit does hit the fan, I want to be able to communicate with all of you. Well, really with anyone who gets it. But what about those who don’t have fascist-book or phone numbers or email addresses? Are we left out in the cold? I’m an avid follower of all of the channels. I didn’t convert to googlie + because I’m sick of the control, so I can’t comment on the videos — but I still follow. Together, we’re a lot stronger. But …. what do we do?

    There should be a meet-up or something. Ugh.

    Thank you all for everything.

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    bart March 26, 2014

    i see that links dont go thru so,,,,
    a search on this

    Fractal Metamaterials and the Torturous Path – 2014 MIT CF/LANR Colloquium

    fractal metamaterials on the cold fusion now y.t. channel
    found the cloaking guy at this m.i.t. lecture simple and clear.

    i also see where terral black star posted a silver update ,
    midday today a bit odd but alot is comming up soon,
    april and may windows … thanks all at max

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    bart March 26, 2014

    hey there,
    congrats on getting website running
    and running well,after rebuilding all the
    hackin and delivery of limited news packages,
    i am even more minimal in coments or what i think
    miss ya all and am re-minded of 49’s share share share
    well a simple event 370 flt. denotes a simple daily activity
    flt. paths of commercial and most important cargo flights
    like federal exspess by personal exspiriance 1. they are the 2 largest
    air force in the world. 2 stapleton airport was packed up and moved to
    den. inter. airport while still ”under construction” as a employee at that time, we saw alot of mistakes,and annomalies, on the ground and in the air. we had to be on alert always for” thats not right” back to 370
    therory mine is simple plane flew to and then ”under” another flight
    landed for fuel and then on to easy hide no reports pakistan, where it sits till unknown part three of the trident hooks. that part i dont know yet, could be a cosmic alignment,pvt. corp.profit,and the old good and evil war. new info not seen yet by mx resi, criisy, monti ghust, or
    hag and hag or sean dav mort on revo radio all have taken on the story
    manifest has no names of freescale people on it ,cold fusion convention this week, and terralo3 has broken from reports of blackstar project here is hope fully here is 2 out of three links, and one for creative play of what i enjoy doing after a proffesional skateboarding
    career,1976 to 1984 founding reason of why it is a crime to skate
    we were not nice people then, alot has cleaned up since then
    i want freedom not fee-dome . thanking ,sharing,and extreamly limited commerce. this is alot for me to share name droppin,time frames,sources
    1 of 3 Malaysia Flight 370 Landed In Pakistan – Terral BlackStar youtubechannel ck.hir website and revolution radio shows ”the next leval with aurora” 1st 30 mins. #2.dont have way to look at flgt paths every day backwards.
    no link. and enjoy this w/ a reply as to who and where is ” red bull”, today, this is before danny’s contracs w/ red bull. we dont look at or think right , we know this all to well bye all for a bit. love and care share
    Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home” – Red Bull Channel

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    Daisy March 26, 2014

    Great discussion!
    Something interessting about the closed Israel embassies, when the German chancler Merkel was in Israel in February to fetch her “aword medal” for her Israel support. Israel & Germany made a “strange” agreement.
    “Germany to offer Israeli citizens consular assistance in states where Israel has no official diplomatic representation.”
    israelnationalnews – Germany to Help Israelis in Countries Where There’s No Embassy

    And coincidentally^^ all Israeli embassies close a month later for the first time in israeli history….very odd O_O

    God bless you all!! greetz from Germany :))

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