Man Claims He Placed The Cube In The Georgia Guidestones!

Man Claims He Placed The Cube In The Georgia Guidestones!

A MARINE Who Claims HE PLACED The Georgia Guidestone’s Cube Confirms Enterthe5t4rz / Nicholson1968’s / R$E  Revelations! The Marine explains much of the work our very own members have detailed in many of his videos over the past few years.

Take note 90% of the information this guy talks about has been covered by our members.

Is this story in itself a hoax, possibly to cover the meaning of the cubes placement? Or could he have indeed placed the stone into the cut out section of the guidestone’s?

During the segment of the extraction of the cube/block the caretaker (in the red shirt) does say this is the second such cube placed in that hole. So it could be a contrived scheme to get attention. We may never know.

Listen carefully to everything people say in the following video.

At the 3:18 mark on the video the man (caretaker) who took the block out does say “Some Idiot Just Put It Up There” Also notice that after the cube is extracted (At the 3:34 mark on the video) the stone mason does continue to chip at the hole.

A second view of the notch.

Speculation is the caretaker was extracting something from the hole that seems to be behind the cut out section, that would contain a future block. At 5:25 of the video one observer asks “Are you putting something else up in that spot?” and the Caretaker says “We have the original piece”.

Here is an article placed by Enterth5t4rz on BeforeItsNews Titled

“MARINE Who Claims HE PLACED The Georgia Guidestones Cube Confirms Enterthe5t4rz Revelations!”

Enterth5t4rz aka Casey was contacted directly by the person who says he placed the cube/block into the Georgia Guidestones.

Though there is no possible way to prove this, a man has come forward to claim that he in fact placed the cube within the Georgia Guidestones. More interestingly, the man spends much of the hour showcasing much of the work we have done on Enterthe5t4rz. He goes into detail about the 88 code, the 40 days of Jesus, as well as the Pentagram of Death over the United States. You will have to decide if this video is authentic or not.

We may never know if this is in fact a ruse to cover what many have reported as the code behind the cube/block, however what we do know is no one is pleased at the overall message the Georgia Guidestones imply.

What are you thoughts. Please comment below.


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  1. Avatar
    landell November 09, 2014

    Sounds like more predictive programming to me.

    First, in early 2014, IMF Head Ms Lagard was talking about numerology (and the number seven); and now an ex-marine is doing numerology? Not credible. Most marines I’ve met are not smart and brain-washed; there was little explanation as to how he went from that to a conspiracy mindset and insightful numerology expert.

    Also, his analysis looks technically correct, but it does not add a lot to what a lot people already knew; and does not support his conclusion sufficiently (predicting crisis on 11 April 2015). He could have said his prediction at the beginning of the 1 hour video. In a typical con there is a long explanation needed to support the conclusion, as the conclusion itself is so clearly wrong. But then, maybe the con is to get you to believe in the numerology analysis, and hence the predictive programming. Thus the conclusion (crisis on 11 April 2015) is irrelevant to the intent of the author??

  2. Avatar
    Che Lank November 08, 2014

    I should have also said that there is a high potential the guy is just misguided, nuts, wanted attention, or all of the above.

  3. Avatar
    Che Lank November 08, 2014

    Not sure I could sit through an hour of this dude going on and on from a script.

    The wedding photos seem to prove this man is the origin of the cube. The fact that he was allowed to have his wedding there in the first place makes me think he has direct affiliation with Freemasonry as we all know the George Guidestones are blatantly a masonic monument. This man’s obsession with numerology also leads me to believe he is a Freemason, and we already know he was in the Marine corp.

    Now the question becomes whether or not he made this video out of genuine intention or to mess with people’s heads. It is my opinion that this is a Psy-Op.

    Firstly, numerology is completely bullshit, but the Elite love it. Numbers are a man made creation and the space between each number is infinite, therefore number do not exist at all on any kind of metaphysical scale. It is typically only in Luciferians, Kaballah, Theosophists, Freemasons, and other mystery school nutcases of the sort that we see this kind of obsession.

    Secondly, I think this is an elaborate hoax designed as a distraction, to muddy the waters, and generally scramble your brains. For evidence I point you to the fact that this man is blatantly reading from a script and that he likely didn’t write it as he seems unfamiliar and uncomfortable with his words. This is my personal opinion on the matter.

    I also point out that he says he has a video from the original Cube’s thief. Where’s this video?

    Also if the reference to the Cube itself as an actual spiritual object didn’t make it obvious he’s a Freemason or mystery school graduate, then what will?

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