MANA: The FORCE Easter Island Natives Say Moved the Moai Statues!

MANA: The FORCE Easter Island Natives Say Moved the Moai Statues!

March 29, 2014 will mark the 100 yr anniversary of the archeological expedition to Easter Island.

I found a site that shows the pictures of the event. The first image of the Maui or Annanaki resemble each other.

We take a look at different theories of how the stones were moved. Either by sound technology or mind power. The tribe were told by the God MakMake to either walk to float through the air by way of an item call “The Golden Navel” or Navel of life, to focus the Mana or power.

Theory’s state the Islanders used this Mana in various ways to move the statues and to live by. We review the pictures found on a site showing the many statues and idols the islander used and those that were dug up during the expedition. The Annunaki were represented by the Birdmen.

I take you down the path of discovery while viewing these old valuable glass slides of the expeditions from the past.

This is the first evidence of the find from back in 1914 and indicates Easter Island is a center point on the globe. There is more to Easter Island than meets the eye. It is evident those on or connected with the artifacts know more than they tell the general public. What is it they are not telling us. Join me on this continuing journey of discovery.

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