Massive Movement of Trucks in Virginia – Escorted by Police

Massive Movement of Trucks in Virginia – Escorted by Police
The Official Story:

RICHMOND, Va. – A record number of 125 commercial vehicles will be participating in this Saturday’s 2014 World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics. The truck convoy is a unique one-day celebration in which law enforcement escort a convoy of trucks through cities and towns in 38 states and Canada. The event helps raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics athletes. In 2013, over $20,000 was raised with 49 trucks participating in Virginia’s nearly 50-mile round-trip convoy along Interstate 95 from Caroline County to Henrico County.

Reading the comments on the news facebook page it is very obvious people are trusting the news sources less and less.

Comments like these seem to be the norm in regard to this story:



Sounds like a cover up to me. I didn’t see any advertisement for Special Olympics posted on any of those trucks whatsoever. Wouldn’t you think at least the lead truck would have a sign or something. I’m just saying

For you conspiracy theory people, (smh), here’s some info for you. Good thing none of you have children that are special needs.…/About_Truck…

The Truck Convoy® is a unique one-day celebration of the trucking industry and its support of Special…
Hmm., sounds strange. Raising money for the summer special olympics for next year? If you goto the actual article from the special olympics website, you will see there is NO DATE and nothing metioned about trucks. If you research this same fundraiser last year’s the only relatable news you get goes back to this link! Wake up ppl.. the sheep will not survive when the hammer drops. Everything is falling right into place. ..

I like how ppl buy into statements with no actual proof…. this convoy is wasting more money on gas than the report says its going to generate… there’s more IMPORTANT things to worry about in this country than the special Olympics/ Olympics/ Superbowl etc etc…. How about help fight the government from taking our rights

Where is the footage of them arriving at their destination.

It’s not what they say it is…

HA! yeah a sheep if you want too……

They should put Banners on the sides of the trucks about the special Olympics so that people will understand why there are so many trucks in a row.

Reading the comments it becomes obvious that people do not trust what the media tells them. This is for good reason. It is a rational behavior from being misled for so many years.

Has any of the drivers of the trucks checked inside their trucks to see if they have a cargo/ this seems like a waste of time and fuel it is interesting that no logo for Special Olympics is no where is site

If it was to raise awareness of the Special Olympics why isn’t that clear on the trucks, in the news, somewhere? Anywhere??? Just a random convoy of trucks and we are supposed to automatically think, “oh, this is for the Special Olympics!” There is ZERO coverage and/or information about this. Lol!! Those of us who are questioning what this really is are NOT the idiots.

I think this is a cover up for something our government is doing to mislead us! Wake up people! The companies involved in this would have wanted credit for their contribution and it would have had all kinds of media hype leading up to it. There’s more going on than meets the eye!

Y r they raising money for the “summer” special Olympics when winter just started.. I believe something else may be going on y our country turns a blind eye… y spend all that money on gas to make money for games that are a yr away… Nah I don’t believe it … if its true its a nice gesture but really a waste of money

The Coke trucks are carrying hydration water for Ebola outbreak….The Walmart trucks for food for the forced quarantined…and CVS trucks with meds and bio-suits….the smaller trucks are full of illegals on their way to Chicago to register for the election….

I’m proud of you people… Questioning these things that seem out a place!!! Ya it does seem odd!!! doesn’t it… For all we know there were ISIS fighters loaded in those trucks!!! YOU ALL KNOW THINGS ARE GOING DOWN!!! TRUST YOUR GUT!!! >>> NOT THE GOV.

Give me a break !!! Someone is just covering up what these trucks are really on the road for !!! How can wasting all this gas , man hours ESPECIALLY the law enforcement officers and say that the donations raised would be worth the effort , I’am not buying it appears to me someone is stocking up goods somewhere and I bet the White House has the answer here !!!

I would like to get a peek inside one of those trailers. How come they didn’t decorate the trucks with special Olympic signs? Why didn’t they announce it on the news ahead of time so people would be “aware” I don’t buy it. I also don’t believe Nina Pham had Ebola. I think it was a ruse to calm 3k military moms & wives.

That’s a lot of fuel and not one sign about Special Olympics


There are comments from truckers and Special Olympics, however we find it interesting that people don’t believe the hype and lies on most stories from the Mainstream Media anymore.


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    Gunluver 63 10/10/10 October 28, 2014

    A neighbour who is 70 year old very active Austrian Machinist, has a 45 year old philipino wife and 7 year old son ,his third wife. His Uck Dc claims that nobody needs the flu vaccine. If you do take it you will need to take it for the rest of your life. Ps he has no plans on retiring. He has a well established small buisness. First in the province to have a mobile unit for job sites. In the late 70’s he had 50 men working for him.$350,000 a month at ForthMac. Now he works around Edmonton Area.

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    Karyn Koop October 27, 2014

    My best guess..pharmaceuticals…notice the CVS..trucks..and other various 23 foot straight trucks..they do expedited freight.

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