Maureen Crowley Exclusive Interview: Why She Told Newtown To Watch “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” Documentary

Maureen Crowley Exclusive Interview: Why She Told Newtown To Watch “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” Documentary

In an exclusive interview put out by Swan Song from on why Maureen Crowley informed the Newtown Public Safety Security Committee to Watch “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” Documentary. She details

Here is the Interview and first guest to IM For Truth Series.


aureen Crowley made a great effort to speak at the Safety & Security Commissions open mic in Newtown CT.  Maureen has been progressive on checking the facts surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event. She has come to the conclusion after extensive research that once you see the facts you can not go back to believing it was actually a real event.

Regardless of what did or didn’t happen the information seems outlandish in regard to many of the narratives put forward as “Facts” and set out for public consumption.

Maureen does indicate people who do their due-diligence regarding the investigation and facts are then coming around to the truth of this whole event being a manufactured occurrence in order to grill the issues or laws they want to administer into effect. Gun Control, Mental Health, School Security Forces and so on, just follow the narrative to see what they want implemented.

Based not only on the facts of the case, the actual reactions of the parents and siblings were far from predictable as normal reactions to those who have just lost children or loved ones. Questions have been raised on the letters the children (victims) supposedly wrote on weapons and how descriptive and informed they were. As though created by individuals much older than those supposed victims.

Maureen goes into the fact of the Dawn Hochsprung information which really turned her to investigate much of the information. Also questions regarding the police not remembering how they entered the school. All these things created questions for her.

Maureen goes on to say she is quite surprised by the reaction of people and mostly positive in regard to her efforts to educate the local public in Newtown. We commend and applaud her bravery on standing up and putting her face forward to concretely reveal the truth regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event, as well as many other various topics she has covered over the course of her many investigations besides Sandy Hook.

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  1. Avatar
    Randy April 01, 2015

    Thank you Maureen! Your display of integrity ,intelligence, knowledge in this matter has drawn interest. It is so nice to actually have someone familiar with this area come forward in such a brave manner. I find the whole “story” to be absolutely rediculous. I was home from work, sick in bed with the T.V. News playing on the dec. morning of this ” event”. I had an awakening. I could not believe that this was presented as a real tragedy, and it became more rediculous in the weeks that followed. I am still in a state of shock that they are getting away with such an obvious hoax. Thank god for heroes such as you, you have given me hope in mankind and the people of this area. It is sad that so few seem to care,demand truth and pay attention. From here in northern Canada, the only way I could come to terms with the general population putting up with this narrative was believing that they either can’t or don’t want to handle the truth. I can’t imagine living in Newtown,where are these peoples voices? Where is Conneticuts voice? What has our society come too? Have we come to live in complete denial and police state? What is to come?

  2. Avatar
    Will March 12, 2015

    Maureen I appreciate your integrity and honor and dedication to bring the truth out. Thanks

  3. Avatar
    Shannon March 10, 2015

    Maureen rocks! She has never given up on this cause and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Sandy Hook!

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