Max Resistance Listeners Pushes Alex Jones To Investigate Sandy Hook

Max Resistance Listeners Pushes Alex Jones To Investigate Sandy Hook

Thanks to many of our listeners who when called upon to begin to post our articles and comments into Alex Jones comment sections, forcing Infowars to begin to see there was a problem with the Sandy Hook narrative, and wrongful copyright claims against many of our Youtube channels. Most noteworthy was our uploads of “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook”

Now that the HONR network has put a strike on Alex Jones channel he has begun to realize the extent of this networks misdeeds.

We don’t usually focus on Alex Jones however our producer for MaxResistance did have an opportunity to reach out to Alex Jones call in line and make a point at approx. the 32:00 mark on the Full video.

Brian D. Roberts Segment:

Full Version Edited on topic of Honr Strike:

Focused on the Noah Pozner Story of his Second Death our listeners began posting the article on the Infowars network to create interests on the strange events surrounding the Pakistan school shooting. Featuring Noah Pozener (a child supposedly killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting). As you can see the new name of Noah Pozner in the Main Stream Media was depicted as “Huzaifa Huxaifa”

Brian D. Roberts, like many others, have been attacked by this network for the information they are exposing. When counter claims are filed, the information is passed to others in the network, the following is what came out of the information they gathered on Brian.

I think they could have done a better job, I guess Facebook and Google are more secure than most people think.- Brian D. Roberts

We will have to wait and see if the HONR network will continue to copyright strike The Alex Jones Channel like they have done to so many others Youtube channels. One thing is for sure, Alex Jones will have to do more research into the event we call “Sandy Hook”, which was the goal in the first place.


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