Meet Nathan Cirillo – Crisis Actor of the Canadian Fake Jihad

Meet Nathan Cirillo – Crisis Actor of the Canadian Fake Jihad

Video Description:

Hero – or FAKE? It seems “Nathan Cirillo” cannot be found in Canada. Not as a permanent resident, anyway. But he CAN be found in the USA. Why? As with many crisis actors in government-run hoaxes, the connections seem to provide an answer.

In this preview, we set the stage for the revealing of the truth.

MORE BACKGROUND: “Jihad Shooter”… or Government Employee?


The “Canada War Memorial Shooting” seems timed perfectly to get soldiers riled and in the mood for war in the Middle-East.  A little TOO perfectly?  There are Canada connections to the Sandy Hook fake school shooting, where zero children died, and also to the fake Aurora “Batman” shooting, and fake mall shootings as well.

Similarities abound to many already well-documented fake shooting hoaxes of the past.  Just scratching the surface yielded all this.  Does anyone think they can prove it REAL?

“An Ottawa Citizen reporter inside the Parliament building, Jordan Press, wrote on Twitter that a suspect was ‘5’9-5’10, overweight & wearing a dark jacket’. [Like a cop? – our comment.]

Witnesses also told the Citizen that they saw a man wearing an ‘Arabic scarf’ and carrying a long rifle, while others said the suspect looked South American.”


Thanks to our Viewer Ann…

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  1. Avatar
    Truth Seeker November 17, 2014

    Excellent video and Great Detective work ! – I must say the comments from individuals claiming to know these “Crisis actor” families is very humerous.

    Anyone who has been following these type of false-flag events for any length of time knows that almost everyone involved in these things are “paid crisis actors” which includes the “fake” relatives involved (because they would have to

    So I take it most of the comments denouncing the video is either from paid Govt propaganda/disinformation agents or the crisis actors themselves…or simply just brain-dead sheep citizenry who have no dam clue whats really going on here behind the scenes and how this event was staged to push through Orwellian/Draconian laws through Parliment under Bills c-13,36,42,44 – which would essentially end free speech as we know it (which includes all forms of dissent /public voicing of grievances against the govt on social media or any vocal opposition whatsoever)

    These Bills will essentially turn Canada into a dictatorship where free speech is prohibited unless you support the Govt views on everything !
    So in other words, this staged false-flag shooting was “performed” in order to turn Canada into a Police State like North Korea !

    and all of you sheep out there who have been brainwashed and blinded by “Patriotic Sympathy” for a death which never occurred and an event which was totally staged …will now be responsible for the downfall of Canadian Freedoms . ..Congratulations on your stupidity ! ..The Harper Govt knew they can count on your emotional, Patriotic blindness to dupe your freedoms away !!!

  2. Avatar
    K November 13, 2014

    I do agree this was a false flag operation, however I know people from Hamilton who grew up with Cirillo and were very upset about the news. I doubt there’s an army of actors on standby, Nathan Cirillo was real, this “terror attack” was not.

  3. Avatar
    Kenny Fort November 13, 2014

    Hey MaxResistance I posted this on my blog and got a shit load of freaks saying they knew Nathan, they lived down the street from him, they slept with him, they went to school with him, they have a mothers sisters cousin who knows him., they wiped his ass as a baby. ROFLMAO and they all show as the same ip address or they mostly come out of San Fransisco area for locations. Love it when I own my own servers and see where these people post from. Wish everyone had that option.
    BTW I posted all the other articles and no one moves on to see all the evidence they are blind and ignorant. I would converse with them if they actually didn’t start with name calling and screaming in CAPs at me, most are to ignorant to see the video was not made by me or you. Idiots. Blind trust. Bleeding Canadian Red and White. No one understands that we as a whole don’t NOT think this guy was real but the event was staged. Who knows for all they know he is relocated getting hair plugs and sipping beers on a beach getting ready for another photo op. I don’t know but I do know the whole fiasco was planned. Thanks for the info, hope you don’t mind my re-posting yours/others info from here. Keep on Keeping ON!!! Just figured I’d let ya know.

  4. Avatar
    Nick Sanseverino November 13, 2014

    This goof deleted my comment. I am from hamilton, i have friends who knew nathan well with pictures of him going back through the years, I went to school with his first cousin who shares the same last name as nathan, and my dads first cousin is married to nathans aunt in italy….hahaha your idiotic video was deleted go get a life conspiracy freaks.

    • Avatar
      WayneL November 13, 2014

      Yes deleted and censored because assholes like you have to lie to get the truth taken down. It says its deleted because of spams scams or commercially deceptive. Yes they have to lie to get the truth taken down. Go back to your troop and die for a country that lies to you. Did you join for the roids, drugs or just stupid. Wait till you get back and they don’t let you own a gun or take care of you when your ass is all shot up. Good luck liar.

    • Avatar
      stevieb November 14, 2014

      I too am from there any pics of him with family anywhere? Where did you go to school? Thanks

  5. Avatar
    Billz November 13, 2014

    I’m from Hamilton grew up in the north end and know Nate personally he was not acting just doing his duties when some punk who thought he was in his own movie took his life he is a very real person and if the government has some sorta agenda or benefit from this then we the people need to get together and stand up to our government We The People Are in Charge but Most just sit back and watch this Puppet show We Are Suppossed to be TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE BUT I DONT SEE MUCH FREEDOM WHEN IM CONSTANTLY BEING TOLD HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE FROM MY SO CALLED GOVERNMENT if this is a false flag operation Just know that Nate Cirillo was very real and his SACRIFICE EVEN REALER

    • Avatar
      Matthew November 13, 2014

      We the People is an American thing. It’s the start of their constitution.

    • Avatar
      Tammy January 03, 2015

      Nathan Cirillo was a real person. I worked with him this past summer in Petawawa on an army tasking, and before that when I was a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders with him in Hamilton Ontario.
      You can go on with your conspiracy theories all you want, but don’t you dare say he wasn’t a real person or that he was a paid actor, unless of course, you would say it to the face of the woman that gave birth to him, the friends that grew up with him, the son he raised or the men that carried his body to the grave.

      If you did half as much research into seeing who he truly was, you would have the real truth.

      I sure I don’t have the time or energy to convince every doubter out there, but do your own damn research or just stay out of it.

      Thank you to everyone who is sticking up for Nathan and his family by defending his existance.

      • Avatar
        UpNorthOfThe49th January 04, 2015

        If that is the case Tammy please explain this away. Time differences nothing explains away the fact the information was released early. If you recall Thanksgiving was close to that time and someone in Calgary was eager to get out of the office early and pressed the release button. Either way there is no explaining this away. If you can I would love to hear it. People say all the time “Oh I can’t believe this guy or that guy was a terrorist” so how can you say you know Nathan Cirillo so well to know he was not capable of a payoff? You don’t. People you think you know are nothing that you thought when it comes to money. Make no mistake about that.

  6. Avatar
    joe November 13, 2014

    My wife worked with this dudes mother, and went to the funeral. Which I believe was an open casket.

    This was not a crisis actor imo.

  7. Avatar
    John Uyen November 13, 2014

    You better have a lot more info than your showing, Bell info pages is not a reliable source, I cant get half the people I know to show up on it. I do believe reserve ID has a expiry date on it.

    • Avatar
      Kenny Fort November 13, 2014

      See MaxResistance they don’t even know this is the work from another website. They don’t go and look at all the evidence! They just stop right here cause they instantly disagree. lol and they tell you to do your research hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  8. Avatar
    Connor November 13, 2014

    He had a temporary ID card because literally everyone in the Canadian forces has a temporary ID card. It just means he hasn’t been finger printed yet and was waiting for his permanent card. Nothing happens when it expires, you just go in and get another one

    • Avatar
      J November 13, 2014

      Having served for several years as a reservist it is completely normal to have a temp ID; possibly even for your entire time served. It took me nearly five years to get my permanent IDbecause you will not be issued a regular one from the Military Police until you have completed your trades training and have a dress uniform. Specifically in Cirillo’s case there was likely no Military Police Unit in the local area so getting a Permanent ID would have been unlikely.

      Your research is shoddy at best….

  9. Avatar
    Jenn November 12, 2014

    This article is completely false. There is no “great catch” here. Of course the police were there first. It’s parliament, and there are many RCMP officers all over the hill, all day, every day. There are also many reporters there, especially while the house is sitting, as it was that day. In fact, reporters were held at gunpoint by police because the police didn’t know who was shooting until he got to the library, where Mr. Vickers put a stop to him.
    Unfortunately, a very real Cpl. Nathan Cirillo of the very real Canadian Forces died at the hands of a disturbed young man on a quest to follow an extremist dogma, having a psychotic break or some horrible thing. His family, friends and brothers and sisters in arms have my sympathies. I stood at that memorial yesterday with 50, 000 other Canadians to pay my respect, give thanks and remember the many men and women who have fought for our country and fallen. The attack on Cpl. Cirillo and on Parliament was not a coordinated act of “terrorism” in the sense that we have come to know the term, by a group or organization, even though it could have been intended as an act of terrorism by the individual. And it was not an elaborate hoax orchestrated by the government in front of hundreds of very real people going about our very real lives. 
    The writer of this blog has created a false account. A conspiracy theory that has no relevance to truth. This world is getting darker and scarier, partly because of people like you. Governments are far from perfect. But we as citizens are responsible to hold them to account and to tell them what we expect them to do on our behalf. Making up conspiracy theories is not the way to do that. How ’bout don’t be so lazy and anti-social. What you are actually doing is irresponsible and offensive. you are making yourself a part of the problem in this world. Americans want everything to be “terrorism”. Sometimes people just kill. Sad but true. You don’t even remember what life was like before the word “terrorism” became a catch-phrase.  I hope people are smart enough to go to the actual source for the facts, and listen to people who actually live in Ottawa and lived through that day. read what you want into this tragic story. Like-minded people may believe you, and some intelligent people may believe you if they want to. your story is the one that can’t be proven.
    as for me, I see those officers every day, and I’m grateful for, and proud of their service.

  10. Avatar
    condimentalist November 12, 2014

    His ID said NATHAN FRANK CIRILLO, your lookup found a Nathan L Cirillo and you call that a match? I know false flags exist but that sleuthing is a little sloppy if that’s what you pass off as damning. I don’t know all the facts yet but I’m not quite buying this version of the story.

  11. Avatar
    bryan November 12, 2014

    Guys I am from Hamilton the hometown of CPL Cirillo, cant say I know him but, I have met friends of him,
    i see a lot of thing that don’t add up in the whole story, my thoughts where that he was set up, or something
    like that, but I don’t believe he was an actor.

  12. Avatar
    Budshot November 11, 2014

    Bravo … great catch !

  13. Avatar
    Ann November 11, 2014

    Your Welcome and I wasnt sure if you saw that video before,but I figured ya cant pass that one up,and no wonder the american connection to it all

  14. Avatar
    Martin Timothy November 11, 2014

    Quite apart from this matter..

    The Canadians do not want to know about genuine terrorist events on Canadian soil, re the July 2013 oil train disaster in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, that had a death toll of around fifty, and the Manitoba oil pipeline explosion of Jan. 26, 2014 which was a nuclear strike!

  15. Avatar
    Gerald November 11, 2014

    Take the info as you can. Gerald.

  16. Avatar
    willowtree523 November 11, 2014


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