MH370 – Fort Hood Shooting – Flight 93 – MSM Lies

Super Group discussion featuring enterthe5t4rz, Max Malone, Policestateradio, UpNorthofthe49th and Free Radio Revolution (Cynical Greg & Jeff C).


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    Justine Case April 04, 2014

    Shared. Thank you..

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    Simon April 04, 2014

    Hi, I have been following all the MH370 news as much as possible.

    – I haven’t heard, or been able to find any info on the 5 passengers who booked in but did not make it on to the flight. Is there any word on who they are and why they did not board?
    – I have also heard a rumor that 3 more passengers have messaged in the last few days. The person who stated this gave no info to confirm it.
    – I am aware of the MAERSK Dubai theory and its mysterious cargo transferred to Flight 370 but I read a rumor that the two Navy Seals who died there were supposed to be passengers on Flight 370. I just want to clear these up one way or the other. I assume these are not true. Can anyone confirm or debunk these rumors? Thanks!

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      Simon Naylor April 05, 2014

      Are any of the large ships that are being brought out towards Australia to help in the search big enough to store flight 370 in their cargo hold (with, or without wings attached?). I suspect they are going to put the plane in the water to be found there eventually, if they have not already, and that seems to be one of a limited number of ways they could move the plane there.

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    Lynn April 04, 2014

    Great Sharing all of you…the sound was not good at all and the breaking in and out…your hearts are beautiful so I just hung in there to the end. Thanks again!

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    Nicholson1968 April 04, 2014

    Max..I feel ya You know I do….Been there, done the t-shirt and cap to go with it!

    Take a break..if not it will overwhelm you..the Lord shared with me what I will share with you now!

    In order for prophecy to be fulfilled ..almost all of the world must be deceived-Rev:12:9 if they are all
    awake then his word is a lie…think about that. The Lord will bring who he needs to see it…you just put it out
    there.. He told me that Nicholson1968 is not the Savior of this World ..HE IS! I just play a small part in
    a bigger don’t take it so personal…You are just like can’t understand why so many can’t
    C WHAT EYE C..thus the name of my website. But I will tell you this are one of a few lucky ones who do see and for that I thank the creator everyday! The Lord told me that he is proud of this site and the people it is reaching and that it is suppose to reach!

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    Blake Egan April 03, 2014

    Keep ur head up Max. Its OK to take a break sometimes. Seriously try to pull yourself away even if for a few days. Perfect time would be now with the weekend coming up. I did it and it helped me gather my thoughts. Whatever you do DONT GIVE UP

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    Sid April 03, 2014

    Max, I understand your frustration. I’m mad too. I don’t have Google +, so I can’t leave comments on youtube, but I share these fantastic videos.

    The problem is, no one really cares. People actually get mad AT ME for sharing.

    Great video. Really enjoying the group chats.

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    Sid April 03, 2014

    Chat? Did I hear 49 mention a chat room? Is there a chat room.

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      UpNorthOfThe49th April 03, 2014

      Hey Sid!!! 🙂 I would love to have a live chat room. I am looking into the possibility of setting one up so others can join in.

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