Michael Brown Shooting Protest in Ferguson, MO. Livestream

Michael Brown Shooting Protest in Ferguson, MO. Livestream





Mary Greeley Channel Provides us with a livestream feed of Ferguson, Mo Protests over the Michael Brown shooting. Its a sad story of police shooting an unarmed kid in the streets.

We all agree the new gangsters in town our the local police. Blood hungry and power tripping on regular citizens. Their training has been that of the and occupier and not a service provider. The moto of serve and protect has long been gone from their practices.

The livestream will broadcast periodically around active protest sites:


Ferguson Mo. LiveStream Protests




Michael Brown case: Shooter’s name withheld after threats, police say

Protecting their own and not the actual citizens they are heired to do.

Ferguson, Missouri (CNN) — Police know who shot Michael Brown, but three days after the 18-year-old’s death, they’re still not saying.

Releasing the name of the officer who shot and killed the teen in Ferguson, Missouri, isn’t as important, they say, as protecting the community and the person who pulled the trigger.

Police Chief Thomas Jackson told CNN his department decided against releasing the officer’s name Monday after social media and phone threats targeted another officer who was falsely named as the shooter.

“We started getting death threats against him and his family, and although that’s not most of the people, we took these things seriously,” Jackson said. “We think that they’re credible threats … Right now the safety factor far outweighs the benefit from releasing the name, which is minimal.”

Source and Video: Here


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