Michael Jackson – DEEP ABYSS

Michael Jackson – DEEP ABYSS



oliceStateRadio released a video about the symbolism surrounding the Michael Jackson Hologram “Slave to the Rhythm”. PSR describes how the elite or those in the know depict themselves related to fish or the symbolism of using the fish representation. Could this representation by those in the entertainment industry be in fact describing themselves as fish due to their surviving the flood of Noah’s time. The Abyss – flooded in the occult, the symbolism and indoctrination.

Please note: PoliceStateRadio had a very hard time to put this video up on Youtube. He sustained a strike for his interpretation/criticism of the symbolic abomination related to the hologram.




While PoliceStateRadio describes the oceans above and below lets keep in mind the recent revelation of Michio Kaku regard the Haarp array.


Michio Kaku


here are various ways to look at this new information admitted by Michio Kaku. Is this well known talking head for the mainstream media finally admitting what we have all known for a long time. Or is this a means of warning of things to come?  Possibly he is breaking free of his controlled monologue at risk to himself. We can never know from these controlled puppets, however what we can be assured of is there intent never seems good.

Edgar Casey had warned the public that in the future there would be many discoveries related to Atlantis. The library between the paws of the Sphinx (which they now admit there was a chamber, however never reveal what it contained) the rising of many hidden historical items from the sea. Flooding of the United States and the world at large.

We have witnessed the rising of islands of late as well as the Apollyon Statue coming from the sea. Was this statue an authentic find or was it a plant put forward by the powers that be to create focus on the new system related to their worship. Currently many new finds are being highlighted regarding scrolls and documents never before seen. Is it real or planted history to insight in our minds we are not following the (so called) right God.

Is it possible they are preparing our minds for the new king and a new form of worship, while they point out our history has been corrupted and twisted to suit the elites, for control over the masses? They are leading and guiding us to accept our history has been suppressed, so they can implement their new or very ancient form of worship. We have before us a new form of mind controlled propaganda, which will ultimately lead to compliance and acceptance of an ancient religion, we have been warned of in the Bible.

The Bible already outlined all of this history, yet we wait for this same information with great anticipation from these talking heads. Why is it we need confirmation and half truths from these individuals? Is what they placed in our minds reputable? The Bible explained the Firmament Above and warns of the ancient pagon practices of old. The Bible is there for all to read, with facts and truths regarding these topics. Why are we ignoring it?


Military Shutting Down Haarp

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 Ice Blocks Falling from the Sky

ice from skyMassive Pieces of ice may fall from the sky in sunny weather, not matter how bizarre that may seem. Frozen blocks can be bigger than the largest hailstones – some of them may weigh several dozens of kilograms

The phenomenon of ice falling down on the ground out of the blue sky is a mystery, just like the UFO. The difference makes only the fact that this phenomenon has been proved real. Modern science does not have an explanation to the phenomenon, although experts say that falling ice was the reason for the Airbus jetliner crash over the Atlantic Ocean.

 A big research team from Spain and the USA studying this problem for ten years has collected evidence of several hundreds ice “bombings” which have been observed worldwide. Several photos of ice bombs, so-called megacryometeorites, have been taken.

 In Portugal, a piece of ice weighing 20 kilograms rammed into a house. In Florida it smashed a car. In India it killed an elephant. In Germany (in Düsseldorf) ice “spear” 2 meter length stitched a person. The heaviest of the registered ice blocks weighed 35 kilograms – it fell down in a Palestinian village.

 The phenomenon was several times observed in Russia, although a long time long ago – in 1984 and 1996. The most recent ice bombings were reported in 2009 in Spain, Italy and the USA.

 Scientists originally believed that ice blocks were the frozen contents of plane toilets. However, when scientists analyzed some of the fallen blocks, they found no specific traces of urine, faeces or disinfectant liquid.

 Questioning the air traffic control officers also showed that at the moment of ice bombings there were no planes flying over the territories where ice fell.

 Scientists also rejected the version saying that the blocks could be the fragments of comet ice as laboratory tests showed that ice of the megacryometeorites had characteristic features of the regular earthly hail.

 If a plane finds itself in the zone of abnormal ice formation, the plane can be quickly covered with a thick layer of ice and eventually crash. The US Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, bound for Buffalo, might have crashed for that reason on February 12, 2009. The pilots of the plane only managed to report the abnormal and sudden icing.

 If an ice block crosses the plane’s path at the speed of a hundred meters per second it will instantly destroy the jet. This might have been the reason of the Airbus А -330-200 crash, though it still remains a secret. The black box of the plane recorded only the icing of the speed sensor. Perhaps it was the first sign of the imminent tragedy.

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