Military Building “American Training Cities” – Calling Churches Mosques

Military Building “American Training Cities” – Calling Churches Mosques



t is very strange to say the least that our military is more and more often building these multi-million dollar “training cities” that look more and more like main street USA.

Even stranger, is when they are clearly building churches (not mosques) and keep telling us they are building mosques- when what we see is clearly a New England style church.

Over and over again, from California to Virginia these training villages are built- and they always have churches, which is weird if they are in fact supposed to be for a “middle east scenario”.

Of course, with a Football Stadium, a church, and a subway line with the Washington DC Metro logo on it- that makes it pretty obvious these is for the military training for a martial law type scenario- and Americans need to know this is really going on.

MTV “warned” the public with a cryptic martial law commercial that baffled a lot of people a few years back- which showed military people busting into a Subway and pulling off American citizens, but now that they have completed a camp with the DC Metro logo on it, and a CHURCH (not a mosque) and a football station/embassy- it’s pretty obvious that in fact they are training for some sort of domestic military operation.

At the same time this is happening, completely transparent false-flag gun control hoaxes are taking place, such as the Cassidy Stay Houston Hoax- Sandyhook, and the LA Airport non shooting, which are attempting to overwhelm the American public into giving up their 2nd amendment rights.

This is all leading somewhere, and it doesn’t look like a good place.



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