Million Mask March 2014: NWOrder out of Chaos

Million Mask March 2014: NWOrder out of Chaos


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ith almost 3000 in attendance, thanks to all those who go to these things to set a good example and rectify all the wrongs that the anarchists create.
Please wake up to the agenda playing before our eyes to increase the chaos every year until there are rebel fighter groups with guns and bombs in our city streets. They are making the way for the anti-christ. Let’s pray that people might wake up to the gate-keeper’s trap of creating chaos that they have fallen into.


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    Panita February 13, 2016

    James, I found your video quite charming. Many have such well poehsild videos, it can be a bit intimidating. I enjoyed yours very much, you’re a beginner at something here, just like many of us are at running. So we’re all starting at the same pace. Thank you. Looking foreward to more video encouragement & we can save this video to watch you grow’ as a videographer!

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