Mount Polley Mine Tailings Pond Breach

Mount Polley Mine Tailings Pond Breach
The Progression of the Disaster In A Pristine Wilderness

Aug 4, 2014

Video footage courtesy of the RCMP Williams Lake Detachment. The debris from the Mount Polley Tailings Pond has travelled down the Hazeltine Creek and stopped where the creek meets Quesnel Lake. The debris is not moving towards Likely.


News Coverage



The Aftermath


August 5, 2014 – Courtesy of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure


Town Hall Meeting

Aug 6, 2014

A Heated town hall debate ensued Immediately following the Imperial Metals press conference, the Cariboo Regional District hosted a Town Hall meeting. The speakers included CRD CAO Janis Bell, Manager of Protective Services Rowena Bastien, Minister of Energy and Mines Bill Bennett, the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, and representatives from the Ministry of Transportation and Interior Health.

The first question from the residents was, “What resources are being utilized to manage this incident and clean-up?”

Minister Bennett fielded this answer and said the provincial government knows this incident is a top priority.

Rowena Bastien described how the CRD’s Emergency Operations Centre works.


GotNewsNetwork covered and provided a 13 part series of the town hall heated meeting regarding the disaster by the mining company.  And So beings the BS by Big Corp. No idea of what the results of their mis-management has incurred.


After watching just two of these videos you will understand the frustration of the town as the informations person indicates they are not there to set up on scene they are only there to coordinate not alleviate the situation. This is preposterous. Interestingly enough the name of the person in control for the mining facility is ironically Robin Hood (a thief and robber) for the corporation.

The Way It Was (1 Month Ago)



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