MTV 2014 Music Awards Center Stage was a 666 !!! Illuminati Symbolism EXPOSED!

MTV 2014 Music Awards Center Stage was a 666 !!! Illuminati Symbolism EXPOSED!


I was advised after I made my video that the stage was made out in the shape of a 666. I did not include it in my previous video so I made one to expose it. Also I figured it would be a great time to look at this 666 subliminal Illuminati numerology obsession. So in this video I look at some places where 666 may be hiding you never even thought about!




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    Jeffrey P September 04, 2014

    This is crazy but true. As horrible as it is the music is, it is beautiful played forward at least , I am glad I am educated and able to make my choice to listen to satans music or use my mind to glorify God. This shouldn’t be surprising because Satan was the head musician and has music instilled in him, the music is hypnotic and addictive. Only hope is through Jesus Christ and nothing else. God help us all.

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    the truth is good! September 04, 2014

    all the vma’s over the years are satanic,illuminati(the vma-2013-mirror symbols)jay z his idea (the blackchild channel did also a video about the vma’s 2013)blackchild channel and yash qaraah make GREAT video’s(just on one point i think black child channel has it wrong….michael brown death is a hoax……)6 bullets=satanic number.1 bullet through the eye=one eye symbol(he was on the ground with his face to the ground,and the cop “shot”at him….no bullet was in his back!and no bullet come through the otherside of his body,please look at the medical rapport,you see what i mean……

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